Help my Starbucks addiction!


You may be wondering why I am even writing and posting about this gloriously sweet drink company? Well, as you might have figured from the title, I have a serious addiction. I mean look at those irresistable pics above.

It started last year when my parents bought me my first starbucks. (Chocolate Frapp *yum*) And I found it so good that I felt like all that other coffee I had was nothing compared to the dream I was having. Starbucks was supreme and after that we went every two months. Now it has gotten to the point where I have it almost every week. And on the Tuesday just gone, I had two in one day! (Thanks for that buy one get one free) And consequently, I felt weird and had a headache. *Sigh*

The other day, my friend asked me 'why do you go to Starbucks? It's just coffee'. And to that, I couldn't even give an answer. So I just said 'because it's Starbucks'. No one can give a proper answer to why they like a sweet drink with caramel syrup, ice and an infusion of coffee. (And now I'm starting to crave it - thanks brain -_-) To a hipster, it would be a lifestyle or just a general drink they have. Not to mention the fact that the cups are so photogenic they don't need a filter on Instagram. To me, the wannabe and not quite there yet hipster, I just love the taste. Whenever I go to Starbucks it involves: ordering the drink, recieving it, taking a few photos and then drinking it while editing on VSCOCam. (That's what I use for my crappy blog photos)

My birthday is next week, so that'll be an exception but from now on I need to cut back. I've named my cravings the Starbucks demons and like Katniss Everdeen, I'm going to shoot them down with my bow and arrow whenever I see them arise. It's time to cut back to once a month I think. But one thing's for sure I will be forever jealous of the skinny hipsters who can fill up on starbucks any day and stay in fab shape. So thank goodness I'm broke right now or I'll be rushing down to nearest store.

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx