Looking out over the sun-soaked sea...


I didn't know what to name this post, but the whole purpose is to share with you guys what I'm getting up to this summer. (Along with a collection of photos from weheartit) As I'm growing up (lmao I sound so young - I'm 17), I'm becoming more independent and have gained more friends who I cherish dearly. So this year, I'm hoping to make the most of my time in London with them as I can. But also go to exciting new places and with the hopefully coming hot weather and exotic fruits - to be more healthy and feel good about myself. Having low self-esteem does not help me as I feel ugly and uncomfortable. I need to eradicate that! Anyway, let's keep this post light-hearted. :)

This summer, I want to develop my photography skills, be it for the blog or my instagram. Days out in different places will be able to present new challenges to me and I can use these opportunities as a way of getting the best shots out of everything. I feel I'm developing a creative vibe now and I always want to get stuck into these new opportunities where I can express myself. On the 25/6th, me and my friend are going to a Japanese festival in London and I'm using that as an chance to whip out my skills. Hopefully, I can explore parts of London I've never been to before like Notting Hill and Portobello Road. I've heard they're very creative areas of London. And share with you guys the great time I have! 

I also can't for the little things:
  • Eating Ice Cream
  • Going to the Coast
  • Exploring Art Galleries in London
  • Reading new books
  • Spending more time on tumblr (lmao I know!)
  • Buying more make-up and clothes
  • Explore more music
  • And most importantly, the long evening's and sunsets

So, I'm excited to get this summer started. (I hope you guys are also excited for the summer posts to come!) And there better be no rain at all! *touches wood*


All pictures featured are sourced from weheartit

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx