Weekly Summary and Blog Plans


Hola guys x

A late night post for you all, and I hope you don't mind the selfies I took - I wanted to add something different. (And oh look my shelves haha) Anyway, I wanted to update you guys on my week and my blogging schedule, as I feel I have left you all in the dark recently.

• I sorted out what I'm getting my friends for Christmas this week, and I'm buying the stuff tomorrow which I'm super excited about. (Cue me going crazy within the aisles of Superdrug he he)

• I got a lot of coursework to complete hence my absense and new blog plans. That sucks big time, but in a few months I'll be free! Also this caused me to ground to a hault in analytics which I feel bad about sorry.

• I finally started a Christmas book which is hilarious and light hearted - perfect for this season! It's called I Heart Christmas and based on the 100 pages or so I've read, I reccomend it highly haha.

Lastly, I have figured out a nice blogging schedule. As the winter months mean getting home in darkness, I haven't been able to take any photos. So I've decided based on the days I have early finish, I will post on Sunday/Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This allows me breaks and I know I used to do a post every day, but with the work load I have in Sixth Form it's so hard. I hope you guys understand as this is more of a hobby rather than a job. And a side note on my festive story, my creative juices have run out because of coursework again, but I'll try to finish it before Christmas. (C'mon I still have three weeks left right?)

I'll see you tomorrow guys, have a good evening. xx

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  1. Things have gotten so busy for me with uni work, can't wait till the holidays so I can blog more! :)


    1. I know what you mean, I can't wait to blog about my room being festive and the presents I get ;D x


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