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Hey guys, I normally don't do ootd posts, but I thought I would grab Saturday as an opportunity head on. I want to thank my friend in advance for taking these pictures haha. I made it all black and white to make it look arty and deep, but in reality I had a boring outfit with a mahogany coat, tights, black shoes and my black bag. (I wore high waisted denim shorts and a Hogwarts top underneath, I know I'm a rebel in winter!)
 I got the coat a couple years back from Peacocks, and even though I'm not really a big fan of the shop, I love this coat so much and I think it's perfect for throwing on in the winter. You will certainly look stylish without even trying. The bag and shoes came from one of my favourite shops - New Look. The bag is new and I got it for £24.99 and the shoes were in the sale at £5, and that's a pretty good bargain.
It was a lovely cosy outfit, nothing to Zoe London or Lily Melrose's standard, but still... I hope to make more ootd posts in the future, but I hope this one is good for now.
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  1. I really like the shape of that handbag, it's gorgeous!


    1. thank you, I'm glad I got it bc its actually quite big and I can fit everything in there :) x


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