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-- It's time to redevelop my blog --

As of tonight, I'm planning to evolve my blog. I've made a load of CSS tweaks that are looking quite messy in the advanced section of my template, but, are looking fabulous if I say so myself in the design. I've made a new header, and plan to change my blog name in the near future. Thanks to Little Miss Katy, I had a little revelation. Sure, I love my blog name, but the reason I'm falling out of love with it is because it doesn't feel personal anymore. It holds no sentimental meaning for me - Anna isn't even my name, it's my middle name - and I'm starting to feel bad about feeling that way because I love my blog so much. So, I'm not changing it right now, but soon, it'll come. (See previous post for the potential name)

Think of these changes as a sort of rediscovery of myself as a blogger, much like Zoe/Zoella going from schoee.blogspot to And Zoe London, and how she started out as The London Lipgloss... I hope you guys don't mind, and you shouldn't as it's a completely personal choice of mine.

The changes that are coming your way:

More Baking Posts:
I love baking so much, so I decided to make a tag dedicated to it. It's on my homepage right now, so go and check out the three recipes that are there right now. I plan to do macarons, blondies, brownies, etc. I might do the odd tips/inspiration post, but it feels so cliche right now, so that's going in the cupboard.

Beauty Looks:
This might be every once in a while, but I might do a beauty look tutorial, as I love creating looks and I had so much fun doing the Halloween look. :)

Instagram/Photo Diaries:
I have done some, I even did one today, but I aim to do them more often and talk to you guys about my life. It's not all beauty.

Pinterest Envy:
This may as well become a series, because there's so many gorgeous photos on there that wouldn't be right to share!

I hope you're excited as I am, and do list post ideas and series that I should try. x

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  1. yay im so excited about the baking posts!! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. woo i'm glad :) and I read your post, but I didn't comment, I loved it though x

  2. Looking forward to seeing the changes you make, oh and also I'd recommend you switch from linkedin to engageya - it looks a lot more stylish and you can edit it more :)

  3. loving your new header! Can't wait for these posts! xx

    1. thank you, the pic's off pinterest :)

  4. Ooooh well this is exciting haha! Very much looking forward to seeing where you go with this lovely :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Life + Style Blogger

    1. thank you, just planning to draft together some ideas, probably won't kick start till after the 12th because I have mocks :(


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx