READER Q&A: Re-branding and Thoughts


-- This is just a little Q&A to get to know 
my readers --

So guys, I've been having some serious thinking about what I want to write and produce for you guys. I want to create a place for you to enjoy coming back to and sure, I'm no Zoe London or InTheFrow, but I reckon with your ideas and input, I can make this blog the best it can be.

Firstly, I just want to put it out there, I'm not happy with my name, it could be cute (potentially) but I don't want to confuse people because Anna isn't my name, it's my middle name. Also, it was just a spur of the moment name, I might keep it but that's when you come in!

Please answer in the comments below, I would truly appreciate honest answers. :)

1. Should I keep my name, or re brand to pizza apparel? - it seems everyone has a cooler name than me and I just thought it sounded better than my current.

2. Most importantly, what posts do you want me to write? - please note, I'm still in education so I don't have the money to buy Nars or anything on the spot for a review, and I don't have a DSLR yet but a 5MP samsung camera.

3. Do you want more OOTD's and food reviews? - I'm going to five guys soon, so would you like more posts on that sort of thing?

4. Would you like tip posts, inspiration posts and more baking posts?

5. Is my blog layout too cluttered? What should I add/get rid of?

6. Lastly, do I ramble on too much? How can I engage you guys more in a post rather than making you unfollow me? - I get a lot of unfollows oops

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I can't wait to get feedback to move forward!

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  1. 1. Choose name that you like, and be you, do not try be someone else, it really doesn't matter that others have "cooler names", be unique.
    2.I like haul/new in posts, always like to see what others buy :D and reviews of products.
    3. Why not, those kind of posts are interesting too.
    4. More baking posts, less tips and inspiration cause looks like everyone writes those when they dont have anything else to write about, and they are kinda boring and nothing really new.
    5. Layout is fine.
    6. I cant answer this one, because I dont find your posts annoying or something else.

    1. thank you, I'm going to plan to officially start a baking series soon and make a tag :) x

  2. 1 - I actually like your original name! I think it has more personality than 'pizza apparel' if I'm honest.

    2- My best advice is to write posts you enjoy and not worry so much about what people want from you.

    3- Yup

    4- Love the sound of some baking posts!

    5 - I'd only have a go at changing little things like putting your page tabs into the centre or making your post title and date centred. I actually did a list of DIY blog design tutorials here:

    6- Honestly I think everyone gets a lot of unfollows, it's annoying but it just happens! You're not the problem!

    Hope this was helpful lovely!

    1. thanks for your reply, I actually used your recent post for a couple of things :) and I might change my name to something more personal, kind of starting to feel disjointed from my current them I don't know haha

  3. 1. I love your original name! It's much more personality-filled than your other option and I really think it suits you :)

    2. I love your photo diary and FOTD posts :)

    3. I LOVE food reviews and OOTDs so yes from me. But only if you like writing them!

    4. Not fussed about these.

    5. I don't think it is at all :) if anything it's TOO clean! I'd love to see more of your personality in the design.

    6. Not at all! I think your posts are great, and much shorter than most :) don't worry too much about the unfollows. That just means that they're not into your content, and you can't please everyone! :) xxx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. thank you for replying, I'm planning to tweak my design, but only if I can work some things out haha *fingers crossed*


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx