A Tumblr Inspired Room Refresh

by - 4.1.17

Taking time to create a calm space

If you guys remember that in the summer I FINALLY painted my room all white, bought a new duvet and added a new plant. You can read that post here. But as it's a new year, I wanted to take that whole 'new year, new me' thing to the next level! By adding more pieces to my room! Aside from this blog, I also have a tumblr, and it's very indie, bambi and just cute. And I see all these girls post pictures of their rooms with plants, vinyls and walls of prints and photos - that's so me right now, so I hit up Ikea and Tiger to get the pieces I needed. Instead of rambling on like I did last time, here's a list of what I've changed and added. Because I just LOVE lists...

  • The first thing I did was spend £48 on two vinyls to complete my 'faves' collection. *stomach churns at the thought* I would never normally just spend this amount, and half of it was Christmas money soo... I bought 30 Seconds To Mars' This Is War and the latest The 1975 album that I shall not name because it's too long. I wanted to frame them because I'm not a poster girl, and vinyls are perfect. I love how they make my room look more personal.
  • Then, I bought more fake plants from Ikea, because they're the realest looking artificial plants that I've ever seen. I've put one by my makeup, and the other by my desk - along with a candle and a disposable camera. #Imsoindie. I just feel like they give more life to my room along with my numerous other plants, and I can feel all zen... Is that even a thing I can say?
  • I also added some new photos off my Instagram and art prints from the Tate to my photo string wall! I love them so much as they remind me of last year's amazing memories, like meeting Victoria for the first time. And the art prints are just so unique and cute. It's like my own mini gallery yay.
  • Last, but by no means least, I have my three favourite frankie prints on my pinboard. I loovveee frankie magazine and it's just me in a magazine to be honest. These finish off my desk space and I always find myself looking at them. I hope to continue to grow my collection... I have 11 so far (including these three!)

What do you guys think? Have you refreshed your room?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*