Postcards From My Brighton 2018 Trip

by - 27.6.18

The biggest and best trip of the year

It's the annual Brighton trip photo diary! WOOOOO! *party poppers* Aaaaand there's even more photos to share with you guys this year, as me and one of my favourite people on this earth went to my (or our) favourite seaside city for TWO DAYS at the beginning of the month.


We always have a day trip out as a tradition but it was only right to have a weekend to get up to loads of things - like jungle crazy golf by the beach - and pretend we live there!

It was definitely my favourite trip to Brighton EVEEER. And it makes me want to move to Hove eveeen more to be honest.

So, without further ado, grab a cuppa if you want to, settle down and let's get into this kind of photo heavy blog post diary. *Cuts ribbon to applause*

001: classic chips on the beach: Pictured above is actually my SECOND tray of chips. And I wish this was a made up anecdote of my life. But no. Me and my friend went straight to the seafront for lunch from the station and while we were just about to sit by the carousel...

A FREAKING BIG SEAGULL SCOOPED MY TRAY FROM MY HAND AND FLEW WITH IT WHILE HIS FRIENDS FOLLOWED. And I just stood there shellshocked and had to spend another £3 on chips. But anyway here's a lovely pic of amazing crispy and fluffy chips.

002: posing on the bandstand: If there's one thing me and my friend ALWAYS do, is walk along the seafront to the bandstand and take cute candids of each other haha. I did some actual posing but my friend carried on while I walked back to her, and this is the last one she took which is my fave!

003: What can I say? Every yearly Brighton trip HAS to include a cool angled shot of the carousel...

004: curing our boho gelato cravings: Since discovering this absolute gem in 2013 on a trip to the seaside city with my family, I converted my friend to loving it, and we've been going there every year since! They always have different unique exciting flavours and I went for white chocolate raspberry which was a dreaaaam. (I can't remember what my friend had oops)

005: going to heaven in wahaca: We went for dinner at Wahaca and it changed our lives. We both got the burritos which a cheeky extra side of tortilla chips and guacamole and added cheese. I went into a food coma but it was sooo worth it!

006: starbucks brekkie by the pavilion: Day two came around and we got up early to get Starbucks and take pics by the Pavilion. We did a full on photoshoot session while people and their dogs stared as they wandered past. (More pics are in my previous post!) And then we went to the beach to experience the calming waves...

007: brunch at the flour pot bakery: The rest of the day was exploring the North Lanes, and after making a magazine purchase we headed for brunch to the cute and rustic Flour Pot Bakery. The coffee was top notch and the mushroom sandwich bun was amazing. I felt like a proper Brightonian on a Saturday morning haha.

008: the yearly photobooth extravaganza: I hope my friend doesn't mind me showing these to the world, but what is a trip without a £4 trip to Photomatic?? Third year in a row and we always spice it up with the same expressions lmao. But this time we DID have an ice cream!

009: a dreamy choccywoccydoodah window: Since the London store is now gone (RIP) we LIVED for this year's visit and especially seeing the summery window. I died. And I wish they sold these designs but as actual ornaments you can have in your home and not cake because they're sooo pretty.

010: pick n mixing to the maxing: If you know me irl, I'm the healthiest person ever (weeell except for eating a bit of chocolate every evening and having a takeaway every two weeks...) so I surprised even myself when I gave in to buying £4 worth of creamy fudge, jazzies, fried eggs and strawberry milkshakes. But it was SO GOOD to eat. I want to go back just for the fudge.

011: the last shop visit - spider plant shop: Apart from nearly dying on the stairs up to the main plant area. (They were steep!) I was in plant heaven! I actually only found about this from Zoe's (Zoella) insta and I knew I had to go. Even if I couldn't physically buy and carry any home to London. But I vow to be back... When I've bought a house in like 5 years time...

If you guys want to see EVEN MORE of my Brighton trip, you can see my two day vlog below. Let me tell you, there's a lot of laughs....

Comment below your favourite city to visit!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. I live in Brighton and I love it! Wahaca is one of my faves!

    Rachel ||

    1. Awwww I'm SUPER jealous!! And it's changed my life I so want to go back and eat more food!!

  3. Hahaha the seagulls in Brighton are such a pain! They're everywhere just waiting to get your food haha. Seems like you had a great time though, Brighton is an awesome town, especially on sunny days!

    Julia x
    Last Post: How to Get your Life Together |

    1. Literaaallyyyy! I definitely did as well :) x

  4. I love reading posts about Brighton as it's my hometown! Looks like you had a brilliant time and you took some great photos xx

    1. Aaahh you’re so lucky you live there!! And thank you I defo did xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*