Sunday Snuggle Down #22


-- Relaxing baths and beauty blogs --

Another week has gone and I'm now in the holiday mood! I go on holiday from Friday and I couldn't be more ready as I feel like I'm starting to burn myself out at work, and I really need a recharge and to fully focus on the blog. In between shifts I've been discovering Ikea meatballs (I know, I had them for the first time this week!!), meeting up with friends and unashamedly getting ready for pumpkin spice latte season... Aside from that, I've picked some lovely blog post favourites that I hope you will enjoy just as much as I enjoyed this Lush bath that is pictured! Have a good Sunday my lovelies! :D

  • I'm obsessed with pink. I love a pink theme, clothes and even interiors. Hannah has it all in her latest outfit post and I'm officially jealous.
  • I love film photography and this has to be one of my favourite posts ever. Be sure to check it out for creative inspiration galore - and plenty of New York!
  • If you love diys and taking care of your skin, you'll love this amazing homemade lavender and vanilla body butter - it's pretty easy to make and it's a perfect edition to your regime. Yay.
  • Lily brings a beautiful picnic photo post of a day at the beach. Who cares if it's sponsored, the photos are just wonderful to look at and be entranced by... Makes me want to have a picnic of my own.
  • One beauty product I've got my eye on is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. Katie has a lovely review here about it, and I almost want to splurge on it now... *resist Fran resist*
  • Feeling peckish and want a snack while watching the Olympics? Jenni has a lovely 'healthy' sweet potato fries recipe here. Totally guilt free and delish - oh yes please!
How was your week guys?

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  1. Picnic by the beach sounds absolutely magical!

    7% Solution

    1. It does! And it's also making me hungry haha


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