Ella & Rose Body Butter and Body Polish


I got these two cute little bottles (including another finished one) as a Christmas present a couple of years ago - freaking hell that's a long time ago! But as I didn't have my blog back then I couldn't do a fab new review, so I thought I would do a little one now.

Firstly, I love the packaging as it's vintage and oh so Soap & Glory esque, and the tubes are tiny and cute so you can take them on holiday with you. The products are scented nicely with patchouli and vanilla and it just makes me want to have a pamper evening. The first product, the body butter has a nice creamy texture, and even though the scent is strong, I was happy to find I didn't itch as these kind of products don't do my skin good. This is meant to be used after the pink tube.

The next one is the body polish which is basically a scrub. As it was my first scrub, I really enjoyed using it and I used to have dry skin and the exfoliating did help. Though it is a chore if you just had a shower and you just want to snuggle up with some food and TV as soon as possible.

The products are cute and nice (the other one was a shower gel which I enjoyed using) and perfect as a gift or travel essentials. They're good but I would love to try other ones to compare.

Have a good Saturday guys x


Icouldn't find any links to the products but they mainly pop up in gift sets at Christmas at beauty stores.

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