The Lush Showcase & Christmas Haul

by - 8.10.18

Grabbing all the seasonal goodies

I'm fully aware that the Lush Showcase was basically two weeks ago, and I know I'm late to writing this post about all the things I bought...


I DID film it. (I'll link it at the end of this post so you can watch it woo)

However, I don't think I can just film a haul without telling you guys what I bought on here. My blog came first after all.

I have to admit, I only made two of the products featured in this post at the convention for free (The World's Smallest Disco bath bomb and Rudolph jelly mask - the latter smells EXACTLY like hot chocolate it's actually unreal!) So the rest - including a swag tee that said 'fresher than you' on it I couldn't fit in the picture came to around £130. Oops.

I was excited for Christmas ok. And everything just sort of, well, fell in my basket...

There's a lot to show you, so I'll just write a beautiful list below in sections and if you guys want to find out more you can follow my Lush Instagram here where I'll be posting pictures of the products in action. Woooo.

Let's get into it kids...

001: Shower:
  • cinders shower gel: This kind of reminds me of a spicy marzipan cake with a hint of alcohol. Even there's no booze in this, you have loads of maple syrup, cinnamon, almond and pumpkin seed oils!
  • sleepy shower gel: It's Twilight upgraded! With oat milk, it's a beautifully creamy and goes so well with the body lotion...
  • snow fairy shower gel: An absolute Lush Christmas CLASSIC!! Who doesn't want to smell like bubblegum after coming out of the shower??
  • butterbear shower jelly: Yes guys! Butterbear is now in the cutest shower jelly form and smells just as comforting and edible.
  • strawberry santa soap: Remember Peeping Santa bubbleroon? It's basically this little guy but in a fruity soap with cocoa butter in the middle. It even has strawberry seeds in omg.
002: Bath:
  • hulder bath bomb: A Showcase exclusive that's very floral.
  • goddess bath bomb: The one exclusive that everyone went mad over on insta.
  • butterbear bath bomb: A returning vanilla and cocoa butter classic mmm
  • perle de sel bath bomb: Love Snowcake? Then you're in luck because this is the same yummy scent and has a colourful surprise inside...
  • shoot for the stars bath bomb: Hands down one of my fave Christmas bath bombs. It's vegan but has that amazing honey scent and nourishing cocoa butter stars.
  • cheery christmas bath bomb: A fruity bath bomb that's a new addition and I can't wait to see what it's like in the bath.
  • holey night bath bomb: At first I was disturbed by the look but now I'm love with it as it smells a bit like Sex Bomb aaaand is like a rainbow in the bath.
  • candy cane reusable bubble bar: Thank goodness it's not minty. I can't really stand minty baths - except of course Intergalactic. It's a warm citrusy scent. Perfect for winter.
  • puddy holly bubble bar: This one reminds me of an old classic seasonal Lush product: Holly Golightly. But this one is another spicy cute addition.  
  • yog nog bubble bar slice: I screamed when I saw this. Not only does it look like Battenburg cake, it actually smells good enough to eat. It's got loads of spice and soya yoghurt and cocoa butter. I'm sooo excited to use this with Perle De Sel!
  • naughty elf bubble bar: I wasn't sure at first, but the floral violet scent has grown on me. Plus it looks so cheeky I LOVE it haha.
Right, these should last me till the New Year now haha.

Are you going to pick up any Lush Christmas goodies?


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  1. Oh goodness! I need to get to Lush ASAP bit I know I'll spend so much, Halloween and Christmas are my favourite time for Lush ✨Marbl☾☽Moon

    1. I LOOOVE Halloween and Christmas at Lush! If you really love a brand, then there's no harm spending too much money haha

  2. You went all out haha, but it's great because you can give us a little more detail about what you got! I want aaaall the bath bombs haha, this is the best time of year to have Lush baths!

    Julia x
    Last Post: Why You Should Wear What You Want |

    1. I did looool and it really is! Warm pretty baths are totally my thing at this time of year!

  3. Aw awesome post Fran and I love the aesthetic of the photography! I’m more of a shower girl so the shower section interested me most. Some of the shower gels sound promising particularly sleepy and snow fairy which I’m still yet to try. Thanks for sharing! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Awww thank you Helen! Omg please try both because I LOOOOOVE them!


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*