I Followed The Trend And Tracked My Spending For A Week

by - 15.10.18

Will I save or spend (lol)?

I've seen these sorts of posts floating around in the blogosphere recently, and I thought 'hey, I think I'm pretty good at saving and not spending too much money, but let's give it a go!'

Soooo, like loads of people have been doing. I'll be tracking my spending for one week, and then at the end see how well I've done.

It could end up badly haha...

Let's see shall we?? *takes a deep breath*

001: monday:
It's Monday and I want to start the week off right. I'm doing an early shift at work so instead of buying a meal deal, I decide to make my own sandwich and take in my reusable flask of water.

I get to work early and kill time in Primark. I'm VERY tempted by the new winter pjs and the cutest microwavable sloth - that would be perfect for cold days. I resist. *claps myself on the back*

After work, I head straight home because I'm tired and make myself a nice hot cup of coffee and chill for the rest of the day/evening...

Total spending: £0

002: tuesday:
It's a day off. This could be dangerous.

I head off for a morning running errands with my Mum. We go to ASDA and I pick up some crisps that my dad gave me money for which came to £4.00. (I won't count this because it wasn't my money)

Then we end up in Card Factory looking at 2019 calendars - *shudders a little* - and I leave with the cutest dog square style calendar for £1.99. Bargain!

I was also tempted (again lol) by The Body Shop's Vanilla Pumpkin products. But I was like 'no child!' to myself. I spend the rest of the day sorting out my blog, filming a video and having a Lush bath...

Total spending: £1.99

003: wednesday:
It's another working day and I spend the morning just chilling at home, and because I'm doing an afternoon shift, I decide to treat myself to a Starbucks before starting.

Of course I go for the maple latte which is pretty good. (Kind of like a toffee nut latte without the nutty taste) Now, this technically costs me no money as I use the money I already added to my Starbucks card last month.

So I basically felt like I got a coffee for free haha.

Total spending: £0

004: thursday:
I WAS planning to buy my Halloween outfit before starting work today, buuut, I get called in to start early so I have no time. Ah well...

I also make my own lunch with what's already at home so that costs me nothing.

This week is going great for my bank balance so far and not so great for blog content.

Total spending: £0

005: friday:
I spend the morning browsing websites like Skinnydip London, and I don't find anything to want to treat myself to. I guess that's good as Christmas IS coming closer. *EEEEK*

I do plan to go out, but change my mind so I spend the rest of the day being a couch potato.

Total spending: £0

006: saturday:
NOW today is a spendy day. Hurrah for something to jot down!

Before I start work, I have to top up my oyster card which is always £50 - and lasts me a good three weeks. I then have to pick up some essentials from Superdrug which come to £4.60.

Aaaaand, because I was a lazy bum in the morning, I head to M&S and treat myself to a £2.30 tuna and sweetcorn mayo sandwich for my lunch break. It's been a super stressful day, my monthly is here (sorry if that's tmi) and after my shift I feel like I deserve another treat. I.e. Starbucks!

So I sit in there for an hour and have an iced latte, and get a triple choc muffin to feast on after dinner when I'm at home catching up on youtube. #wildweekend This comes to £4.54 as I pay by cash this time.

Weekends are always dangerous.

Total spending: £61.44

007: sunday:
As it's a chill day, I decide to just go out for a morning walk to clear my head. It's raining ew. I head back and spend the rest of the day chilling and doing nothing. (Mainly drinking coffee and reading)

To be honest, Sundays are always spent at home...

Total spending: £0

Sooo, that's my week. Most of it was actually not spending anything - as my travel is from my oyster - and that is basically how most of my weeks are. And there will be the odd spendy day!

Have you ever tried tracking your spending?


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  1. I track my spending everyday on a big old spreadsheet I created and it definitely helps me to save money!

    Katy | www.therawrdrobe.com

    1. That’s a handy way to do it! I usually write my spending on a book but I thought it’d be fun to share it on here :)

  2. I should totally try this, it must be fab seeing what you have and haven't spent xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. It was so satisfying to see that I don’t spend that much haha

  3. This is such a good post idea, although I know mine definitely wouldn't be £0 every day! I'm so bad for buying food out and about when really I should just bring lunch from home with me haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Loool that used to be me but I’m trying so hard to save my money now x

  4. I try to keep track of my spendings by only buying what is necessary. Recently I've started a challenge to myself of not buying any clothes for as long as possible. This already has shown that I can save money by eliminating what I don't need!


    1. Wooo! That’s amazing! The only piece of clothing I bought recently is a coat but I don’t find myself wanting as much unneeded things now compared to two years ago! x

  5. This is such a great post and such a good idea too! Thanks for sharing this Fran :D I really need to learn to better track my spending, you sound so good at it! Teach me your ways please! haha!


    1. Thank you I’m glad you liked it Kate! :) Haha the temptation is always there but it’s the self restraint I’ve had to work on... xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*