How I'm Bringing Hygge Into My Everyday Life

by - 18.10.18

Pronounced 'hoo-gah'

Whenever October - or Autumn in fact - rolls around. I get excited. Because this is the true season of all things Hygge. Which A LOT of people have gone crazy over. Mindful and creative magazines are talking about it, UO is selling books on it and just about everyone is trying to practice it...

And that makes me happy.

Because it means we're all taking care of ourselves. Especially in an age with technology and self comparison.

Google says hygge is: "Hygge is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special..."

And there are many ways you can create that feeling and bring it into your life. After picking up The Little Book of Hygge again, I've been super inspired.

Sooooo, here's how I've been practicing the art (of sorts) in my life...

001: having moments with a coffee:
Whether I'm at home or at work, I'll have an afternoon coffee. That first sip is always the best. I savour it and while I'm doing that, I'm either watching videos or reading a book. With a blanket of course.

002: getting in my jammies early:
I'm talking 4:30/5pm lol. As it's getting darker earlier, it makes me just want to be all casual and cosy instead of still wearing jeans and a tee. I have some favourite ones from Cath Kidston and Primark which are super cosy and perfect.

003: lighting my favourite candles:
Light is a big part of hygge. And there's nothing better than a scented light otherwise known as a candle. I've got MANY from TK Maxx and am currently loving ones that are apple and cinnamon, pumpkin spice and even baby powder. I know.

004: having chill low light evenings:
Recently, along with a candle. I've been having chilled evenings in my room with my fairy lights and primark arrow light on. It makes me feel really calm, cosy and ready for bed for the next working day... There's just something super autumnal about warm lighting.

005: enjoying wearing coats and jumpers:
Wearing casual cosy clothes is what the Danish love - so says my book - SO I bought the cosiest teddy bear coat which I love to throw on aaaand am obsessed with the leggings and oversized jumper combo. It makes me feel like autumn is here - even if the current weather is aaaall over the place...

Are you obsessed with hygge?


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  1. Ah fun post Fran, I love Hygge too, I read the Meik Wiking book at the beginning of the year and thoroughly enjoyed it, there were so many good tips! I really want to read up on Hygge more as I know there’s quite a few related books out there that are supposed to be good. I’ve been enjoying wearing my onesie indoors when I come in from the cold and reading with a cuppa is perfect Hygge for me! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yaaay I’m glad you liked it! Same but there’s so many books to choose from haha... excited to buy more books in general though to read with my coffee :) x

  2. I really want to read the hygge book, but I think I'm gonna start getting into my pyjamas when I get in from uni - the best way to live hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It sure is! I’m getting straight in mine after work today haha

  3. Having that afternoon coffee is the best thing ever! Especially at home. I always do this on weekend days when I have no plans. I'll prepare a coffee and a snack, get into bed and put some calming music. It's such a perfect, peaceful moment! Thanks for sharing, all these ideas are awesome :)

    Julia x
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    1. Yaaasss I love it! I especially enjoy it as well after a morning/early afternoon at work... x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*