10 Things I Think When I'm At A Hot Blogger Hangout

by - 23.10.18

'Is this a cute angle?'

After discussing yet ANOTHER visit to Peggy Porschen with a pal the other day.

It got me thinking.

There's many things I always - without a doubt - think when I'm at these sorts of places. And where I need to get cute pics, or just admire the art of display and craft of food and coffee.

I basically go all full blogger and instagrammer mode. And the following thoughts just pop into my head.

Let me know in the comments if you guys can relate... (Lol)

001: Let's place this plate here, this mug here... Nah, I need to redo this for the angle.

002: Wait!! I think these sunglasses would look sooo cute in between these!

003: Looooool at all these people looking at me. If only they knew.

004: I need multiple pics for multiple uploads in case I run out of content.

005: Oooooh these would made for a good blog post...

006: [talking to friend] Could you take pics of me posing with this mug and make it look candid. And make sure you get this in the background... And from this angle.

007: *Sees cute wall* Omg. This would make amazing content. I NEED an ootd in front of here.

008: *Holds bag and coffee cup in a completely casual way* I am such a stereotypical blogger. But I love it.

009: Damn, this coffee froth is disappearing. Quuuuick. I'm not done yet.

010: [to friend after taking pics for both of our accounts] Right. Now let's eat.

And here's an extra one: [before leaving the house] Will this outfit look good with the aesthetics of this place??

What do you guys usually think at places like these?


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  1. haha I love this, everything is so relatable! I'm so guilty of the first one, constantly re arranging cups, plates, menus to try and get a good angle! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Lol I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I'm alwaaaaays rearranging the cups and plates xx

  2. This is so relatable haha, 'I need to get as many photos as possible so I have enough content'!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Hahaha sometimes I get stuck for what to post so it’s good to have more than enough xx

  3. Preach girl! This is so relatable. Some of these thoughts have definitely come to mind a few too many times. Especially about getting enough content. Thanks for sharing beauty!

    Tx. | Tajinder Kaur


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*