Confessions of a Plane Virgin


-- Hola, I thought I would do a different post today and I wanted to --
talk about my very limited experience of being in the air. The title would then
 make a lot more sense then to you guys haha.
Have you ever gotten that uncontainable excitement where you can’t wait to pack your bags, finally wear that cute bikini you’ve had your eye on for ages and grace the beaches in another country? Here’s a bombshell, I haven’t. In fact, I’ve never been on holiday in my life and the only excitement I’ve had is packing my bag for a day in Brighton. (Featuring ice cream and shopping galore!) To be honest, I feel like the only person in the world who hasn’t been abroad, and the general reaction when I tell people is “OMG!” or general shock in silence. Being deprived of this luxury when all my friends go away makes me a massive introvert in the holidays. And when I’m not out with the family, I spend most of my time scrolling through my tumblr dashboard, and occasionally fangirling over an actor – Benedict Cumberbatch anyone? - or more recently, writing blog posts.
It can be excruciatingly boring and it’s hard to soak up the sun in non-existent hot British weather, but last year was promising. But, this year it’s going to change! I’m so excited about the fact that not only am I going to visit family in America, I’m going to the other side of the world! Cue me getting abnormally hyper about the mini holiday sanitaries, I apologise in advance if you see a girl squealing and potentially grabbing everything in sight in Boots. I will no longer be a plane virgin and I can have the pleasant experience of going through the check- in and boarding a flight. And then complain about it in true British style. *hooray*

What really gets me going is the tvs. I hope they do have tvs on the flight. I just want to watch a film, whether it's a crap film, or a recent release, I want to have the experience of watching it in the air. (Please comment what kind of films you get) While, in a huge plot twist I'd rather starve or pack 20,000 packs of sweets than eat the plane food. Stereotypically, it's supposed to be sh**, isn't it? *determinedly resists the disgusting mess of tasteless food* But in all, I'm looking forward to it, and it will be another thing ticked off my bucket list right?
Any memorable flight experiences from you guys?

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  1. How exciting! New releases are normally available on planes to america as well as little games to keep you occupied! Depending on your airline, many give you blankets and pillows as well so that you can feel comfortable. It's important to get up and go for a walk every now and then to activate your blood circulation, wearing flight socks is also another good tip! Enjoy it :D xx

    1. thank you and it sounds like much more fun now haha :)


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