Photo Diary #5 | The Singles Day


-- This is the best way to
go about Singles Day woo --

Not going to lie, Valentine's Day never bothered me and naming it The Singles Day just gives me an extra excuse to pamper myself. I've just come back from a lovely shopping trip and bought a load of essentials which consisted of some Soap & Glory - look out for blog posts on those products soon. I felt Boots was spoiling me today as there were loads of 3 for 2 and half price deals. I love you Boots, my bae.

The top photo is just a compilation of things I'm loving right now, it won't be in a favourites post so I thought I would dump it in here. I've recently fallen in love again with Lana Del Rey's first album Born To Die, which I love anyway. But I just love it even more right now because it reminds me of S/S and I just want the warmer weather to come.

You might have noticed I'm wearing different leggings in the bottom picture, that's because I wanted to include yesterday's ootd because today's photo was a bit meh. The top is from Primark which I got a couple of years ago and I love it!

Where would I be today with out my main bae? Starbucks. Having my ultimate favourite - Iced Caramel Macchiato if anyone's wondering. This can replace any man to be honest, so I didn't feel alone when I finished my little shopping trip with this. Aaahh coffee is life guys!

Later, I'm planning to take a bath with a load of Lush products, I don't have a bath bomb so I'm hoping the shower gels will become a nice substitute... who knows...

Hope you're having a good day guys :) xx


now playing: diet mountain dew // lana del rey

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