Tanya Burr's Peanut Butter Pretzel M&M Cookies


-- Om nom nom I can't even --

As soon as Tanya uploaded the blog post/video for these gorgeous cookies, I knew I had to bake them at the weekend! They're pretty easy to bake just like her other ones. These ones were an experience to remember because (1.) the dough was really soft and wouldn't mould but when put in the fridge it magically became thicker and easy to shape and (2.) trying to mix M&M's and pretzels into dough with a handheld mixer and not a kitchenaid will result in flying food - so just use your hands. I'm not going to list the whole recipe below as it's not my own even though I tweaked how much I put in to the cookies, but I've linked her post at the end.

My mum was actually against the idea of these, but one bite later she was sold so they're a hit for everyone! The dough is beautiful and fluffy and pairs well with the crunchiness of the M&M's and pretzels, plus the peanut butter doesn't overpower in flavour. I immediately feel so very Pinterest worthy right now and I can't wait to bake them again.

You can read Tanya's full post here which includes everything you need to know about making these. And her photos are probably better than mine anyway hehe. I'm just another viewer of hers that commands you to bake this glorious creation! They make 10, so I have enough left over to take into work today, and I can't wait to share them. PS. How cute do my new measuring cups from Anthropologie look ahhh.

Will you be planning to bake and share these?

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