Perfect For The Summer // Tanya Bakes Lemon Slice

by - 9.7.18

Refreshing sweet treats

It has been SO FREAKING HOT in London recently. We're talking around twenty eight degrees guys.

And I was in one of those moods where I didn't want to actually bake, but I really wanted to do something because I was bored lol.

SO I turned to my trusty Tanya Bakes recipe book from Tanya Burr and stumbled across this super easy and fuss free recipe. It's a lemon slice cake but involves very few things and NO BAKING TIME! (Tanya says she took it from her friend's mum, so all thanks to her you're the best!)

You bung all the ingredients together (well to put it nicely, add and mix) and put it in the fridge for around two hours. And after it's the most gloriously refreshing slice and perfect for summer and when you're just feeling flustered generally.

It's even good for barbecue dessert or for the whole family!

I enjoyed making it so much and I was surprised at how good it legit was... Without further ado here's the recipe...

001: ingredients:

for the slice:

375g digestive biscuits
170g softened butter
one tin condensed milk
225g desiccated coconut
zest and juice of two lemons

for the topping:

225g icing sugar
50g melted butter
juice of one lemon

002: method:

1. Line a deep baking tray (preferably a square 20cm one) with greaseproof paper.

2. Crush or bash all the biscuits in a bag under a towel - this is what I did - and mix together in a bowl with all the other base ingredients.

3. Scoop all of it into a tin, even over and press down the mixture to make it even.

4. To create the topping, measure and mix together the ingredients until you have a spreadable paste. Spread over the slice in the tray.

5. Once you're happy, pop it in the fridge, chill for at least two hours. Then transfer to a fancy board or plate, serve and enjoy!

Will you be giving this a go this summer?


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  1. I haven't done any baking in such a long time, but these look soooo yummy and perfect for summer!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. They really are! Just polished them off tonight!! They’re better just kept in the fridge tbh because then they’re even more refreshing :) x

  2. This cake seems so yummy! It's perfect that it doesn't need to bake, it's so fresh and great for the weather we're having. Thanks for sharing, please do share other of Tanya's recipes if you make more! I'm not a baker at heart but I love discovering and reading about new recipes haha.

    Julia x
    Last Post: The Red Summer Dress |

    1. Literaaallly!! It lasted me a good three/four days between me, my parents and colleagues at work! And I will, IN FACT most of my recipes on my baking tag are from Tanya xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*