Refreshing My Makeup With Revolution Pro

by - 11.7.18

Upping my makeup game on a budget

I recently made a big ol' Superdrug order and got A LOT of Revolution products. Two of these being Revolution Pro products.

Which apparently are meant to be a high end style line of products without the big price tag. So think better quality and cuter packaging than the standard Revolution brand.

I decided to opt for a pretty eyeshadow palette and a foundation, in the form of the bright Mischief Mattes palette and Foundation Drops in F3.

I've gotten to use them quite well (even filmed a first impressions) and now I'm here to tell you what I think about these...

So read on kids...

001: foundation drops in f3:

Starting with the foundation. The packaging is frosted glass and comes with a dropper. Which easily pleases me and makes it look so much more high end than it legit is. Aaaaand it was only £7 - what a bargain! I opted for F3 which is a light shade with pink undertones. I have no idea if I should have gone for this one or F2 which is for yellow undertones, but it works for now. So we're just going to roll with it.

Because it has a lovely dropper, it's actually pretty easy to control how much you want to apply, and you just squeeze the top of the lid to get product in. It has quite a medium coverage but is also nicely build-able - and leaves your face feeling a little matte. My skin is pretty normal and it still blended in and looked great, but this is also perfect for those who have oily skin types.

The downside?? For 18ml I feel like it's not enough product compared to the 30ml in my Rimmel. Sure, the price tag IS affordable, but as it's pretty small, in the long run, you'll probably end up spending more to keep replacing it. So, I don't think this will be my go to forever. No matter how easy it is to blend!

002: mischief mattes eyeshadow palette:

Now on to my bae. The palette of dreaaaaams.

I originally added this to my basket because I've been recently inspired by the youtuber Jkissa to get more creative with bright colours on my eyelids. And then I realised it's pretty much a dupe for the Morphe 35B palette that's ALWAYS sold out. And for £8 you can't go wrong with this one.

(Also does anyone else want to say mischief managed instead of mattes??)

Much like the name suggests, you get a whole array of pastel and neutral matte shades. And what I love most about this, is that the names are actually printed onto the packaging. Oooh fancy.

I've loved experimenting with this palette and you get loads of nice transition, outer corner and general pretty colourful shades. AAAND much like what Revolution Pro tries to be, these are pretty damn good for quality. You get loooads of pigment and it's super easy to blend without being overally chalky. I can't decide though whether to say these shades are a bit chalky or creamy. I guess, I'd say they're in between with some shades...

Above is a pic of me wearing the foundation AND the pink and blue from the palette. (The shimmer is from another Revolution palette - the Soph x extra spice!) As you can tell, these are super pigmented and are so versatile to use. Recently this has been my go to look. You can't blame me right? (FYI the yellow and orange shades make an incredible sunset inspired look)

If you're after a bit of experimentation then I'd totally recommend this palette! The foundation is also really lovely, so if you're looking to try some products from the Pro side of Revolution, then get these first!!

I'm eager to try their brow products and concealer, so watch this space guys...

Have you tried any Revolution Pro products?


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  1. Your eyeshadow is always amazing Fran - love it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. These products do look super professional! And you can't beat that price. From your impressions it seems like the quality of both products is really good overall - I'd love to try the foundation!

    Julia x
    Last Post: The Red Summer Dress |

    1. Oooh definitely do! It blends out really nicely and there's a few other products I've had my eye on which I want to try out and review soon x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*