Even More Of My Fave Blog Posts To Read Right Now

by - 4.7.18

All the posts jazzing up my feed

Firstly, I KNOW this is a super old pic because I'm wearing a furry coat. And it was snowing when I hit up By Chloe, but I just wanted to use this pic in a post. Not only does it look pretty, but it was SO. GOOD.


I felt it was about time to bring you guys another post of all the posts I've been loving from some of my favourite bloggers recently. Some of these are months old, some are super recent, but they're all gems and deserve your utmost attention!

So, take a seat my friend, grab a beverage, snack, dinner, whatever, and settle down to a full on blog post reading fest...

001: forever september // lush haul: Ok, this we're starting posts from April, but if there's one thing that's a classic. It's a good ol' Lush haul! And Lucy wrote an amazing one with a pretty af flatlay photo. And after this, I went and bought a few bits. If you ever feel you need something from a blogger's photography, make Lucy your first port of call!

002: through the mirror // 12 out of the box ways to support bloggers you love: If you love certain bloggers so much but don't know how to give them more love, then head over to Caitlin's blog to find out! There's some pretty neat ideas, and all very simple! Plus Caitlin's posts are pretty sweet anyway.

003: a pair and a spare diy // what's wrong with my succulent?: Never have I found a post for plants as helpful as this! If you struggle slightly with keeping your little friends alive, then Geneva's post could be a life saver for you too...

004: rhianna olivia /// blogging isn't my priority right now and i'm surprisingly okay with it: Rhianna is probably one of the most down to earth bloggers I follow right now, and this post totally reassured me about why it's ok not to have blogging as a priority. Because life. If you're after posts that are more real and less constructed to perfection, then this post is a good way to start!

005: mermaidmoonchild // soph x revolution extra spice palette / first impressions and swatches: A lovely beauty post review for you to get inspired and say goodbye to more money. And this time it's from one of my faves Hayley who reviewed the palette I've been obsessed with recently. Want another opinion on sophdoesnails' second palette, then check this one out.

006: i want you to know // my instagram guide to whitstable: I don't know if it's because it's now summer, but I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with being by the sea. And Kristabel's guide to this seaside town looks like a dream, and a perfect bucket list place...

007: dorkface // 10 bloggers keeping this community alive (and doing it so, so well): A lovely post to end this post! Jemma compiled a beaut list of ten bloggers who are killing it at the moment. And it only seemed right to make this the last one in this list, so you can get even more bloggers filling up your feed. (Hopefully!!)

Who's blogs have you enjoyed reading recently?


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  1. Ahh thank you so much for including me in this post Fran and I'm so glad you enjoyed my Lush haul! Its reminded me to pop back to Lush and pick up some more bits!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. That's ok! I LOVED all your posts recently so it was a hard pick haha and yeaah I do as well... especially bath bombs haha


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