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-- Save your pennies --

It feels like an adventure, but sometimes trying loads of products to find the perfect one can easily be throwing money away in the bin. Is that the right phrase? I don't even know. I know I can admit to doing that a little, but I think I'm starting to find my staple products that I'll stick to. Thanks to blogging, I've discovered and fallen in love with some amazing products - and even stumbling upon a couple by chance! So, I've whittled down some products that I think are so amazing that you need to try... So here you are...

001: Blusher: S&G Love At First Blush:
If you're after something that can slightly highlight, add colour and shimmer, then this is spot on! I've had this blush for around a year and bit and I've never looked back. Without looking too in your face, it gives a subtle lovely glow to your cheeks.

002: Foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish:
Having tried so many foundations from Boots, I always seem to get drawn back to Rimmel. And this is by my favourite. Giving slight colour and full coverage as well as looking natural - plus it works so well with my normal (sometimes slightly dry) skin type! Love. Love. Love.

003: Concealer: Seventeen Stay Time:
If you're one to suffer with dark dull under eyes like me? Then this full coverage concealer is amazing. I use extra fair and it covers my circles and brightens them so well and it lasts about a full day. I don't think I'll ever turn back to my Rimmel Wake Me Up again...

004: Mascara: Benefit Roller Lash:
I've always wanted thicker and longer lashes from my mascara, and though slightly on the more pricier side, Roller Lash does the job - and lasts for months. (I've had mine since November) I do love my Maybelline, but there's just something about this one that takes it up a smidgen of a notch.

005: Brows: S&G Archery Brow Kit:
As someone who likes to have killer eyebrows, this product is perfect. With a setting wax, brow powder, highlight and the brush and spool, it's so easy to fill my eyebrows in and help me gain confidence in getting that eyebrow game. 1000/10.

006: Highlight: Benefit High Beam:
A very new addition to my staples, but this is so worth the mini investment. Just like a nail paint, you have a brush to apply and even a little bit packs a punch. So easy to blend and make look natural and it looks amazing on my cheek bones.

007: Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte:
I love a powder that sets my foundation and concealer but doesn't make my skin look dry. And this does it. I use transparent and it makes my makeup look so nice and it's amazing value for a drugstore product. To be honest, I don't think I'll ever look into a higher end one.

What products do you swear by?

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  1. As much as I loved my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer I am now fully converted to the Seventeen Stay Time - such a brilliant concealer!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Rimmel Stay Matte powder is the best! And Roller Lash is my favourite mascara of all time too! x

    1. woo hoo I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so haha

  3. That Soap & Glory blush looks stunning! I already have the peachy toned one, but I think I need this one too! xx

    1. Both are equally my fave and this one is perfect if you want a more cool toned look

  4. You are right, we spend so much money trying out new stuff when the old favourites always do the job well! The Stay Matte powder has been a favourite of mine for years now. Roller Lash is the best mascara I've ever tried, and High Beam is the most gorgeous highlight colour :D

    Julia x

    1. I'm very glad you agree with me on these :3


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx