Q&A: Your Questions Answered


-- I was grilled by you guys to answer
your burning questions --
Thank you so much to Victoria, Emily and Jess who commented their questions they wanted me to answer on my last post. I'm really excited to do this post, as I've never done one like this before, so if you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy answering them, I might just do a part two. So, let's get down to it!
What is your typical Starbucks order?
This isn't a hard one at all, it always has to be a caramel macchiato, iced or hot as it's just the best. But in the summer months, I go through a phase of just having mocha cookie crumble frapps. (Because who doesn't like cookie pieces with layers of coffee and chocolate cream?) Though, may I add, when I go to America next month, I have a feeling that the new s'mores frapp over there will be my holiday staple.

What's a song you can play a million times and never get bored of?
Currently, it's Forget by the one and only Marina and the Diamonds. She is an actual goddess I'm not going to lie. The music video is perfect and I never ever have gotten bored of the lyrics of the guitars, drums and vocals. I very highly recommend you guys to listen to it.

Why did you start your blog and when?
*Looks back to last year like I'm an old lady* It was February 2014, and I was just becoming obsessed with Zoella and the blogging world which was always featured in Company Magazine. I really wanted to work in fashion magazines at the time, and I read an interview where the editor said to have a blog is a bonus if you want to get into the industry. So I thought about it, didn't think much of it and forgot it. Then I read all these interviews of bloggers (What Olivia Did, Zoe London, etc.) And I thought it would be a cool hobby to get into, and then voila! Now I'm 18 tomorrow, I might just do a little contact page but I don't know, I don't want any creeps emailing me about weight loss tablets...
What's your favourite Instagram photo? (that you've taken)
Oh god, I don't know. I love all my instagram photos, hence whenever I restart my account I have to repost my faves. I think right now, looking at my account, I actually really love the Brighton Wheel shots because I feel like that's a cool picture to have on your instagram. And it just screams summer.

Red grapes or white grapes?
I hardly ever eat grapes, I'm not a big fan of them particularly so if I do eat them, I just eat both. (Do they taste different from each other?) To be honest, I'm more into my vegetables than my fruit, but you've got to love pineapples. Did I answer that like a politician? haha.
What's your favourite place to visit?
I love London so much, and it's where I live and where I go most of the time. There's so much personality and amazing architecture to look at, plus when you see three starbucks on the same street, you know you're a winner. London wise, I love visiting Convent Garden because of the architecture, shops and the atmosphere. UK wise, it has to be Brighton. Because sea, sand and the lanes.
Biggest pet peeve?
When someone walks in front of you and stops randomly to look around. Or they're really slow at walking. I get annoyed, over take and sometimes just want to grab them and throw them out of the way.
What is something that you have complete OCD over?
I don't know if I have one. But when using a new glass, I have to rinse it out three times. This doesn't happen all the time, but I just do it automatically before I put water in from the fridge.
Best memory?
Days out in London with my friends. We're always going to South Bank and going around taking photos. It used to be for Photography, but I think we sometimes do it randomly as like a tradition sort of thing, but every trip is unique and that's the only thing I want to remember from Sixth Form. I also want to be cliché and say seeing 30 Seconds to Mars at the O2 but it's a fuzzy memory now and I don't think it sunk in that JARED, SHANNON AND TOMO WERE RIGHT THERE PERFORMING!!! I want to see them live again, but that's on Saturday, and I wasn't able to get tickets. *cries*
And most important of all: How do you manage to post nearly every day????
I would call it an addiction. I'm always thinking about my blog and taking photos. I write posts in my free periods and when I have early finishes after school. And that's the magic, if I was in mainstream school, I would never find the time to post probably.
Thank you guys for sending these questions to me, I enjoyed answering them. I've got more posts planned that will hopefully be great, if not, all I will think to myself is, I'm not Zoella am I?

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  1. Made me smile so much when I saw my questions were added to the bunch! You're a miracle for blogging so much, I have to cram in my blog posts even though I love writing them. xxx


    1. you're welcome, I'm so happy you commented :) xx

  2. Loved this post, I think its really nice when you get to know the person behind the blog a little better. Also I was just wondering how you got your menu to go across at the top, as I can't seem to do it, I've been trying for hours xxxx

    1. thank you so much :) And sadly it was part of the theme I installed so I don't know really how to do it, I'm sorry x

  3. Good to see my questions answered haha. We have the same typical starbucks order haha *high five*. I think it's great you post so much. I really want to post more - even if I do four days a week usually because I always have so many ideas. But now I have exams I need to try and focus more on that haha x


    1. you're welcome, and for me it's quite easy because I only have one exam so I'm quite lucky :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx