The AB Book Club #3


-- Want a lighthearted read to get through
the stress? Then this is the one --

 This book is actually my mom's, but she let me borrow it a week or so ago. And it literally took me a week to read it, so there was no way that I wasn't leaving this book out of my book series. Shopaholic to the Stars is actually the latest in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella - and I've read them all. Though at nearly 500 pages, it is the easiest read as there's no heavy segments and I probably read 100 pages or so every day haha. I'm actually in one of those 'I want to blog but I'm too lazy to add a hell of a lot of details' so I'm just going to put in below what the blurb says. Also, it's pretty hard to describe the series if you haven't read it...

'Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is in Hollywood! It's as if all her life has been leading to this moment. She's hanging out with the stars ...or at least she will be, when she finally gets to meet movie superstar Sage Seymour, whom husband Luke is now managing. There's so much to see and do! And getting Minnie through the hurdles for her A-list Hollywood pre-school will require some Becky sets her heart on a new career - she's going to be a celebrity stylist. Red carpet, here she comes! But Becky soon finds it's tough in Tinseltown. Luckily her best friend Suze comes over to keep her company, and together they embark on the Hollywood insider trail. But somehow ...things aren't quite working out as they'd hoped. Then Becky's big chance comes, and it's an opportunity that money can't buy. But will it cost her too much?'

In terms of the Hollywood world, this book feels a world away from the other books and there's a few shockers and cliffhangers. (Like every book I've ever read I guess) I'd say this book is mainly for young adults from 16-40 as the main protagonist is nearing 30 and is married, but the style of the book isn't too old because of the way Becky talks in the book. Kinsella makes it so funny with her amazing writing skills and I have loads of books by her on my shelf that isn't part of the series. (You should check them out if you want a taste before reading the Shopaholic books)

I do have to admit that I screamed inside when I saw a reference to the best front-man-in-the-world/actor Jared Leto so I loved this book even more after that. I'm also obsessed with the idea of going to LA, so for me this was more enjoyable because of it. Typical Becky gets herself in a knot at the beginning of the book and you get sucked into her world straight away. I can't wait for the next book, and I have to say, this if the first book in a long time that's fully managed to take my mind off things. Which gives this review major bonus points, because no one want's anything too heavy amongst probably the most stressful time of the year.

Do give this a read if you can, and tell me what books do you guys recommend?


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  1. i absolutely love the shopaholic series and cant wait for the next one! this was left with such a cliffhanger ending haha! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Ooh I love the sound of this - definitely need to read it when I don't have exams *sigh*. I always feel like when exams come round I want to read a book or start a new series the most - it's so annoying!

  3. I have read this book and I love it too!

  4. I used to love the Shopaholic books! It's been ages since I've read any of them though, I feel like I ought to re-rad them before giving this a go :)
    Megan x
    London Callings


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