10 Reasons Why Introverts Are Amazing


-- Three cheers for introversion --

Three years ago I was worried. All my friends loved to go to house parties - and even though I was never invited - I didn't have the same feelings of excitement that they would have when talking about it. My perfect weekend evening was reading a book in my room or going to a restaurant with my close friends. I felt a little alone and I thought I was weird for not having the same interests in terms of socializing as them. I'm probably repeating what every other introvert says in a blog post, but I've realised from reading those sorts of blog posts in the past couple of years that it's completely normal. Also the Buzzfeed articles have helped haha. So, if you're a lovely introvert like me or are interested, here's my ten reasons why introverts rule and are just as amazing as the extroverts...

001: Because we don't like have big groups of friends, we're very trustworthy and will go to the ends of the earth to defend the close friends we do have.

002: We spend half our life indoors watching TV and reading a book snuggled under blankets, so come to us for recommendations if you're stuck on what to read/watch. We sure have some corkers.

003: Just because we're introverts doesn't mean we don't like to have fun, we might go to the odd club with a couple of friends but we also love jamming indoors. (In my case: my home is at concerts with my fave artists and not a club)

004: We have plenty of favourite activities that don't involve large groups of people - like baking! It's calming and you can think about things. Plus, we can feed you food if you ever come over - much better than the supermarket bakes.

005: Saving money is great for us because we don't spend our money going out all the time. That means we can get the bag we've always dreamed about...

006: We don't get energy from other people like extroverts, but if you want a sleepover, come over to ours and we can chill and recharge with food and films big time. Domino's + movies = perfection.

007: I don't know about you, but some of us love a good bath. Especially with Lush, it gives us time to relax and have some alone time as well as inhaling the beautiful scents. We might also catch up on some YouTube.

008: Because we don't always hang out with people, there's more time to immerse yourself in a hobby. That means loads of time to plan blog posts and write them woo hoo.

009: Our favourite kind of days are having a relaxing trip out somewhere, come out with us for buckets of fun with a trip to a park or the seaside. Includes ice cream, mini hikes and hopefully loads of sun.

010: Sometimes it's nice to just go out on your own, get some essential shopping done and relax in a coffee shop with a book. We're a laid back bunch and it's nice to recharge alone, but we also love a friend to join us - because we still like to socialise.

Can you guys relate to what I put down??

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  1. I can relate to this post so much and love it! There are times when I definitely come across as extrovert but in reality im so introverted and wouldnt want to be any different! I'd love it if you'd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/blogposts/2016/5/2/2016-uk-blog-awards xx

    1. Yay high five! I'm glad you loved it xx

  2. I can relate so much to all of this! I'm an introvert too, and I was so happy I finally put a name on it once all the articles on Buzzfeed (that bit made me giggle!) and Tumblr started appearing a few years ago. Although I do enjoy going to clubs and I love house parties (only at my friends' houses though, I've been to a house party once where I'd met the person only once before and I wasn't feeling as comfortable haha), I'm still an introvert and love spending time alone - we bloggers must all be somehow introverts to spend so much time alone working on our blogs! ;)

    Julia x
    Last post: My Oxford Travel Diary | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/05/week-in-england-1-day-out-in-oxford.html

    1. I'm glad you can! I went to a friend's house party once and it was the most awkwardest thing... I never want to go to one again (even though I love my friend!)

  3. Such a relatable post Fran - I loved it, can't beat a fun day out to the beach or a walk around a forest, somewhere calming is always good!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Aw yay I'm glad you liked it :) and that's so so true haha


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