Your Guide To Surviving Valentine's Day


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-- Sighs so loud in realization that
I will never find anyone --
 It's that time of year again where everyone decides to spend some extra quality time with their bae, which involves flowers, dates, chocolates and some more love. For us singles we feel like the grumpy cat, Valentine's Day becomes a saturated market aimed at couples giving gifts, and we get left out. But don't fear, Valentine's Day is purely for companies to make money from us, and no one needs a special day to show how much they love each other. Though, if you do feel extra lonely if a friend has a special someone, I have compiled a survival guide to get through it. It sucks especially that it's tomorrow, which is a Saturday. *sigh* If you want to survive, read on...
• Firstly, on a day like this, you need to plan something to do: go shopping and treating yourself, buying food for a feast with Netflix or having a pamper day. Make this a day about you, love yourself and forget about all the loving couples.
• Food is important, the best one is obviously pizza, you can share one with yourself and have the knowledge that you had twice as much because no one's there with you. Or you can go for the two main baes: Ben and Jerry's. A nice lovely tub of ice cream will save the day, sweetness is life and there's so many flavors. Plus you can say you have a date with two guys haha.
• If it's a pamper evening, make it a Lush one, get your favorite bath bomb, bubble bar and anything Lush with a face mask, lotion and other bits to look after yourself. Use your money for yourself, and if you get it in bulk, after tomorrow, you can use the rest of the products whenever you want.
• The number one rule for the lonely ones is to not watch a romantic film, forget what everyone says, you don't need to feel sorry for yourself with a box of tissues blubbing at The Wedding Planner. But you can if you want to. The perfect film to watch is a cheery one like Tangled. Or, you could have a Netflix session with a TV series.
• Once you do all these, the day will be over and you can get back to normal without feeling extra lonely. Be proud you're single, because you'll find you fellow unicorn twin soon, I promise you.
Have a good day tomorrow and good luck x
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  1. Haha this is definitely me - my boyfriend broke up with me a while ago and now has a new girlfriend so I am probably going to be a mess tomorrow. I'm honestly a little scared haha, even if it is just a novelty holiday. I just know he's probably on a date with her tomorrow :/. Thanks for this post.

    1. aww you're welcome, you'll be fine just stay away from social media for a while haha x


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