My Last Week In Review


-- A documentation of what my busy 
last week was like --

Sadly, it was my last week in year 13 this week and it was very sad yesterday when I graduated. I don't want to show pictures from that, but what I do want to do is select a few pictures from a lovely week that made it that extra special. I'm honestly going to miss my friends and I'm actually scared for the future oh god. But anyway, back on subject, this is my week in review.

Five Guys:
I had my second ever trip to the holy grail of burgers and it was amazing. I have to say it was better the second time round, and I had the same order. I went with one of my closest friends and we just chilled and ate to our hearts content. It was the perfect Wednesday afternoon ever. If you want to know more about this place, I did a review on Five Guys here.

I spent some of my birthday money on this book that centralizes around controlling stress and anxiety while welcoming mindfulness. There are loads of tips and advice in it, and I have to say it was one of my best purchases. I haven't read it properly, but on first impressions, it looks amazing. I hope it will help me control my stress for the future and exams and to be calm about everything.

Primark Haul:
Look at me in my snazzy sunglasses. I had a huge splurge of summer clothes for my holiday, and I bought these sunglasses for £3. A bargain for sure, and I feel pretty hipster and cool in them. I also can't wait to do outfit of the days in London with my new clothes hurrah.

Starbucks Tuesday:
It was the last ever late start Tuesday, and so me and my friend decided to get Starbucks. I had a sneaky cheese toastie and oh look, my sunglasses haha. I'm honestly going to miss these days, and it's going to be weird.

I took this picture of my friend while we were shopping for graduation dresses. This is weird, but I think this photo reminds me of the fun we had looking around the shops. Oh, and I'm also a photography ninja because my friend wasn't even posing here haha.

So, that was my last week. *sob* I hope you liked this post, I'm planning on some cool beauty tip posts because I haven't got any new products and my photos will be better quality now, because I'm getting my iPhone 6 today yaaay.

Have a good weekend lovelies xx

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely week :) The future is a big scary unknown for me as well and I hate that but I'm sure whatever happens for you in the future it will be amazing!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  2. Aww I remember when my school ended, it was really weird but things all sort themselves out and you really don't lose contact with your friends either :) Love those sunglasses too btw!

    1. Ok that's made me feel a lot better thank you x

  3. Great pictures :) that burger looks delicious!


    1. haha and it tasted delicious :P


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