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-- The goddess of blue hair hails this 
month's style icon title --

Ever since last year, I've been enthralled by Zoe London's blog and her unique style and approach to posts. Her theme is one that catches the eye and I love the changing headers. Totally not jealous. Her trademark blue hair is one of my favourite things about her, and it makes her stand out from the crowd. Zoe's general style is seriously one to die for and with every style post, among the beauty, music and travel, there's always an outfit I want. (Especially the Drop Dead ones) Just look at the pictures above, Zoe can wear anything and get away with it.

She will be forever my favourite blogger and I can't wait for more posts as some she does are about being confident in clothes and most importantly - London Fashion Week yaay. I hope she becomes super popular in the next year as she deserves everything because you can tell she works hard for it. I secretly hope to meet her and ask if she has any castoffs she doesn't wear anymore to give me. I'm serious.

Do you guys read Zoe's blog?

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  1. It's so weird that you wrote this blog post because Zoe is becoming one of my favourite bloggers as well, haha. I'm also a tad jealous that she went travelling around the US not too long ago! x

    1. yaay and I know, I loved her posts on her trip haha x

  2. I love Zoe's blog as well, I could read it for weeks! And I'm the same, I'd be more than happy to own her wardrobe! :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

    1. shes actually an amazing blogger I just can't :D


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