What I'm Listening To... #1


-- A nice little playlist to get you in the 
mood for the weekend --

Today I wanted to do a nice chilled post as it's a long weekend for us British people yaay. I did one like this ages ago but I never really got into it, but I have a few different favourite songs to share. Hopefully, this playlist will make you want to party and celebrate that there's no early Monday wake-up call. I'm going to link these songs to the youtube videos so you can listen to it if you want. :)

Sorry it's short, but I know I'm going to list a load of the same artists, so it's a little short playlist. I hope you like it and if you want more (longer) posts like this, just comment below.

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  1. I think short playlists are sometimes the best ones because there's more of a focus on really great songs. Will definitely be playing some of these whilst I revise :)


    1. thank you, I'm happy you liked it :) x

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