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-- New Year, new reading list --

I don't know if you're like me, but at the beginning of every year, you just feel like hitting the refresh button and following some new blogs to add to your ever growing list of faves. I'm especially feeling it now, so here are four blogs I can't stop reading - in no particular order of how much I stalk them. I hope you guys receive some inspiration and give them a read/follow! (PS. out of topic, but I'm seeing Star Wars tonight and I'm soo excited. I hope to do a review on it soon! Much like I did in this post here)

Carrie lives in my dream place and I just love her homely and cool posts, especially her Lovely Things series. I feel like she's not the typical stencil shaped blogger you see everywhere and I love the fact she shares my love for Starbucks and gingerbread lattes haha.

Since her rebrand from Essie Button, I feel like her new minimal blogging style is an amazing refresh and I can't stop watching her YouTube and reading her blog. It really feels like one of those independent magazine blogs and it's so lovely to read - especially with a cup of coffee and a candle on.

Lucy's beauty and lifestyle blog makes mine look very mediocre and I love her photography for the blog. She's secretly - although not so much now haha - been one of those bloggers who I can't stop stalking on bloglovin'. I'm sorry Lucy, but your beautiful blog is goals.

I practically fangirled a little when I discovered Dee through another blogger. Her blog is a paradise for the fangirl with posts from Sherlock to Harry Potter and general lifestyle bits in between. As a very recent follower, I can't wait for what she brings to the blog soon!

What blogs are you loving right now?

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  1. The only blog here I'd read before was Estee's, but now I'm in love with Carrie Brighton's blog!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  2. I love ForeverSeptembers blog too! xx

    1. she's seriously one of my small blog faves <3

  3. i love estee's blog and youtube channel, i always have her videos i=on in the background when I'm getting ready, she has a lovely voice to listen to haha


    1. her voice is one of my favourites omg


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