The Sunday Summary #18


-- The week of spending is upon us!! --

Happy Sunday guys! It's insane, as I always like to say, that another week has gone by. This week included a lot of spending that I'm kind of not guilty about because I kind of needed the retail therapy haha. I hope you guys had a lovely week and enjoy the next installment of the series...

001: POP!:
Friday I treated myself to another lovely phone case from my current favourite brand SkinnyDip London. I bought it because (1.) Gabby (velvetgh0st) has it and because I couldn't buy the one she designed, I thought why not buy the one she bought? and (2.) I actually really like it! Also, for the first time in this sort of picture, my claw hand doesn't look that bad hehe.

002: Crosstown Donuts:
On the same day, I wandered into Soho and saw this cute donut shop with a good Buzzfeed review. I can't remember the name of what donut I got, but it was full of coffee and so good. The only downside is that it was actually massive and I couldn't finish it, but I can't wait to take a friend there again soon.

003: Succulent Shopping:
You probably read my recent post on my succulent shopping. You can read it here. I ended up the plant in front me and in front of the purple one. It looks lovely in my room and has survived so far haha.

004: The Colouring Is Afoot:
Yesterday I went into Waterstones to look for a book and came out with this instead! I'm a huge Sherlock fan - I mean DID YOU SEE THE SPECIAL?! This book is perfect for me and hopefully it'll take away the anxiety I have right now and it'll calm me down. I'll do a lovely seperate post on it later next week.

How was your week guys?

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  1. I really want the Sherlock colouring book I'm such a fan - yes I did see the special and wasn't it amazing?!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I've only coloured one page but it's been really calming so far


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