Instagram Diary #13


See my other online life woo hoo

It's got to that time of year when my Instagram theme has got darker and so much more festive. And I thought I would share what's been happening over on there if you don't follow me. I love doing these sorts of posts as for me, they are like little diary entries I can look back on... Please tell me I'm not alone.. Please? Anyways, here's all the happenings of my life so far - enjoy!

001: Palm Vaults and Plants | 002: Autumn in Nature | 003: Christmas Cups Are Here! | 004: Girl Online Going Solo | 005: TB To The Palladium | 006: Christmas Festivities At Lush | 007: Lusting After MAC Shadows | 008: Sleepy At The Lush Showcase | 009: Cupcakes Galore

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  1. Can't believe I've only bumped into your blog now! I'm loving everything about it <3 x

    Regina | Paper Hobbit's blog

    1. Aww thank youuu - you've made my day xx

  2. Oh my, your instagram is gorgeous! Following you now!! Mine is mxganelizabeth. I do apologise for my feed at the moment, having a bit of an insta-crisis aha xx

    1. haha no worries! I'll follow you back and thank you so much xx


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