Worth The Fuss? Testing The Simple Dual Effect Eye Makeup Remover


Has Simple succeeded again?

I'm sure you've seen bloggers and youtubers put this in a sponsored piece of content, as well as Pinterest showing a very cool gif of actresses using it as part of an ad. And it was just coincidentally at the time when my Simple eye makeup remover ran out (the original version that is), so why not try this new version out and see how it compares. Lots of bloggers have been saying how this works really well and leaves no oiliness. Well, my friends, after using it for about five times in a row, here's what I think...

This little bottle comes with 'water' and oil which you shake together just before using it, so they combine, then you dab it on a cotton wool pad. You then gently press and hold it to your eye for a second and then repeat all over your eye area. Simple stress that you don't rub it over your eye, which I'm quite proud to say I didn't - you don't know how hard it was to ignore the urge to though haha. Ok, does it actually remove the makeup AS WELL as mascara?? I have to say: yes! I was so convinced it wouldn't but the solution incredibly dissolves everything into the pad. Like magic! *insert shocked emoji*

But. Yes, there's a but guys. It does make my eyes feel really oily, but I can get over that. Even if it feels disgusting, I can use my Garnier micellar water and get rid of the rest of my face makeup and the oil. The main thing I was worried about is if it left my eyes feeling funny - because my Santuary Spa one was very good at doing that... I can live with the Simple one leaving oily residue, and if you don't mind it either, then I say it's well worth trying. So, Simple, you're right to advertise this new product to death and I can forgive you for replacing the original with this.

Have you guys tried Simple's new product yet?


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  1. No rubbing at all? I'm impressed! I currently use the Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover and I swear by it, I think it's wonderful1 Though, after reading your review, I may have to test this out! Xx

    1. I might have to test your Nivea one to see how it compares! :) but I know simple is good for my eyes xx

  2. Ahhh I so wish I could jump on the bandwagon and try this but my skin has reacted badly to Simple in the past, wahh skin why you let me down?! Your flatlays are always so beautiful, I love the props you use :D you look so beautiful and festive in your about pic! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Awww nooo D': and thank youuu x


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