Sleek Have Slayed Me Again With Their New Highlighter


Quite literally the palette of dreams

The other week I was bored, so I played on my phone as you do, and opened the Boots app. Lo and behold my friends I had £28.00 on my card in points to spend. Now if that isn't the best surprise feeling you will ever have, then I don't know what is... (Ok maybe finding a lonely £2 in your coat pocket to go towards a Starbucks is up there with the best!)

Sooo after that, I popped into Boots and treated myself to a new highlighting palette. Because 50% of my makeup collection is made up of highlighters, and I actually, definitely needed another one. This one is from one of my favourite ever drugstore brands, Sleek and it's called Distorted Dreams.

I don't know why it looks gold in the picture, but the packaging is a reaaallyyy pretty silver though the only downside is that it gets easily covered in finger marks. Meehh. Now down to the actual colours!! They're all beautifully pigmented like their other palettes and my favourite by far is the middle one which is like a cold purple. It can add that extra sparkle if you want to be a bit extra...

There's three cream highlighters and two powder, and all work perfectly together for one look, and like I mentioned with the middle one previously, you could also each one alone if you were in the mood for a certain colour.

The palette is £10.99, but I think, from a highlighting enthusiast. Trust me. It's worth every penny - and I'm not just saying this just to put on the blog... I mean it!

What's your favourite highlighting product?


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  1. Sleek always do amazing highlighters, and I had never seen this palette before! It looks gorgeous, and I am sure the quality is great for drugstore!

    Julia x
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    1. With this one the quality is amazing! I've gotten quite a few compliments in the past week when wearing it :)


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