Sunday Snuggle Down #57


The binge on everything day

If ya didn't know, this week marked 20 years of Harry Potter and I got a little emotional on Instagram... I won't ramble on like I did on there, but just like (probably) every human on this planet, it's been a HUGE part of my life. So much so, I'm only really just over a month older than the first book. Heck.

Anywaaays, life has been hectic as usual lately on my part, but I'm trying hard to churn out as many posts as I can. Though it doesn't help that I feel like I haven't slept in DAYS.

But do not fear, I've still got some lovely posts up my sleeve to share with you guys! Sooo settle back and enjoy! x

  • I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to learn how to drive. But alas I need to save up money. Lucy, though, has come up with a helpful post of where to start if you do! Hooray!
  • Not only am I #ZoellaTrash, but I'm sure most of us here are #TanyaBurrTrash. Yup, Tanya has released her new summer beauty range and I'm ALL OVER IT. Check out her latest collection here...
  • It's July and the best part about the season is salads. Specifically pasta salads! The girls from A Beautiful Mess have created a creamy strawberry and avocado pasta salad - and it just looks sooo good. Nom nom nom.
  • Sophie brings a post about how you can 'shop' your own wardrobe. And suddenly I have all the motivation to comb through my clothes and see what I have haha.
  • One of my faves, Vicky turns her thoughts to the Instagram algorithm and why it can hinder human connection.  I agree with everything she says and I wish Insta would change it back...
  • I think I've found a new favourite beauty blog to read! It's Alice's blog Dainty Alice - and you can expect plenty of reviews, lush and beautiful photos!

What blogs have you been loving this week?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx