My Favourite Things About Sundays


Enjoy the little things...

There's something about Sundays that a Saturday can't give. The first day seems to be all about shopping and rushing around doing things we couldn't do in the week. But, Sundays just seem to be so naturally chilled, it becomes the best day to just relax and recharge for the next week...

I may work on a Sunday sometimes, but when I have it off. (Like today!) I take time for myself and do all my favourite things to relax. I thought I would compile a list, not only to show you what I do, but also to help give you guys some inspiration for what you can do!

001: Have a super relaxing bath. Whether it's first thing in the morning, or last thing at night. There's nothing better than soaking in a bubble and scent filled tub of water. Especially if it's Lush.

002: Watching some YouTube. I like to do this in the late afternoon, under a throw and with a snack. I love catching up on the likes of Louise Pentland and The Michalaks as their vlogs are so cosy for a Sunday.

003: Lighting candles. Because it's Autumn, my choice of candle is Pumpkin Spice. Which smells like a beautiful pumpkin spice loaf. I got it from TK Maxx for a bargain and because it's sooo strong in scent, it's perfect for helping you relax. (While in the bath or watching YouTube)

004: Wearing whatever you want. Be it jammies, jeans, a tee or the cosiest biggest cardigan/jumper you have. Being comfy and casual is a must on a Sunday. A good jumper or oversized dress and cardigan is a must for me. (Today's choice is a Lazy Oaf dress and a fluffy Zara cardigan!)

005: Having music on in the background. Whether you have CDs or albums on your phone, playing a whole album while either writing blog posts or whatever is the best thing ever. I love putting on a Marina and the Diamonds record as her albums feel so weekendy -  I don't know why... A recent favourite is Wolf Alice's new record! Which I want to do a post on soon!

006: Reading a book. If you want to relax in your room, living room, or wherever, then taking a book is the best thing. You can have the fire/candle on, a tea or coffee with a couple of snacks and lose yourself in a story. A perfect Sunday for me.

What do you guys love about Sundays?


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  1. Anonymous8/10/17

    I am currently sat in bed with my pyjamas on with a face mask. I am writing posts and reading others all day and I haven't done this for a while. I've also been making playlists for different moods for when alone! I love a 'me' day!
    Lois x

    1. omg your day sounds amazing! I love a truly lazy day!


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