5 Bloggers To Add To Your Feed This Year


Freshen up your blog feed

Do you know what's better than being a blogger? Reading other people's blogs! Everything from beauty reviews to life topics, I'm all over it! And last year I discovered a fair few blogs that I couldn't stop reading. As well as a firm few favourites that I've read for a couple of years.

So I decided to throw together a post with a few of the most amazing bloggers I've come across, that you guys need to read yourself! Without further ado, here they are...

001: 'ice cream' whispers clara: Not only is Elizabeth's blog so pretty with a pink design as well as stunning photos, but the posts themselves are right up my street. Fashion, beauty and life with an added sprinkle of cuteness. And we take a moment to admire her header.

002: charlotte doherty: Charlotte's blog is a recent discovery! Not only does she talk about beauty, life and baking but she comes across as so down to earth you can't help but fall in love with her blog. Plus her blogmas this year was amazing and so festive with the fairy lights as dividers in the posts!)

003: dainty alice: I discovered Alice's blog last year, and if you love Lush as much as I do, then you'll love her space on the internet! You'll for sure discover new products you'll want to part with money for - and as always her photos are on point.

004: hobbits and hairdye: I've not been following Char for long, but she comes across as really cool and hair to dye for. Who wouldn't want peach or pink hair?? She also writes about beauty (loved her Hayley Williams 'Hard Times' makeup look) and life - and I'm looking forward to what she's going to publish this year!

005: mermaidmoonchild: Hayley has been a fave of mine since before she created her amazing blog, and she's really grown as a blogger and a person. Blogging about beauty, life and lush - and her blog theme is so cool! If you add only one blogger from this post, then do make it Hayley's!

What bloggers have you been loving this year?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx