How To Fall In Love With Your Blog (Again!)


Make this your fave EVER hobby

I've written A LOT of posts related to the wonderful world of blogging. It's the best thing to ever be invented and an amazing way to meet new people through what they have to say. But, there comes that time when you fall into a rut where you feel like a pile of poop when it comes to updating your blog and publishing new content.

You guys get what I mean right?? You just feel uninspired, and even when you have a post you want to write, you just can't be bothered. It's straaange. So, with that in mind, I thought why not share my ideas on how you can fall in love with your blog again - and feel so excited to share things it's like you're skipping in a field of daisies with the sun shining. I legit want to do that. Spring, where are you?...

001: read other blogs: I thought I'd start with probably the most obvious one. The great part of being in the blogging community is reading other's blogs. I'm not saying copying outright what everyone's talking about - unless it's a hyped up product that you want to try and share for yourself. (Hi too faced sweet peach!) But, I find after a reading sesh, I start to think about what I want to put on my blog.

002: draft up what YOU want to share: This sort of links with the previous one. Don't copy what everyone is doing, but think about what topics you're all about and what would be great for your space on the internet. E.g. favourites, what magazines you love, outfit of the day, etc. Plus I LOVE lists - and ticking them off...

003: get a new blog theme: If you're down with your posts, but you're not loving your blog layout, then why not give it a makeover?? You can choose a new theme, or make little changes like your profile pic, bio, about page, or even add a new page! I have a bucket list page which I find really fun to tick off if I've managed to do anything.

004: go that one step further: I've seen a lot of this happening recently, and I think it's a really good idea. If you've come to that point where you feel you've outgrown your blog, then why not change your blog name?? A new theme with that feels like the ULTIMATE fresh start, and the idea of this brings to mind new styles of taking photos, new fonts and a complete new feel!

Are there any methods that you guys use?


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  1. I've really lost my mojo with blogging at the moment! I'm doing everything I can to find my passion again, I've been reading blogs so much more this year, after just not finding the time to do it last year, and it is helping so much! I also jot down idea's that pop into my head in the back of my diary so always have an idea to go to. I'm waiting for payday *damn you January* to get a new blog theme, then I'm hoping I will have fallen back in love!

    Abi | abistreet

    1. That’s a good idea! Especially if you’re travelling and an idea pops into your head! And that sounds exciting! :)


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