How Independent Magazines Can Inspire Creativity

by - 13.6.18

 Blogging or in your personal life

If you gave me like £30, I'd happily spend it on independent magazines. Thus why I dragged my friend to Magazine Brighton last week and left with the cutest British magazine Caboodle - pictured here.

When I first started blogging, I made whole posts on my favourites frankie and oh comely. And I wanted to kind of go back to those roots, while still keeping it fresh.

So while I'm telling you that your £10 note lying around in your purse defo needs to put towards purchasing Caboodle if you love all things creative, bright and classy. I'm going to tell you how magazines like these can inspire creativity as well! Be it through your blogging or general hobbies in day to day life...

Wow what a mouthful that was lmao.

001: Creatively written articles on hot topics or general day to day relatable life (like why I'm sooo antisocial or a coffee fiend) can be super inspirational for blog posts - instead of reading about what lipstick you should be wearing this season. Especially if you're in a rut, don't know what to talk about and you feel you've rinsed yourself out completely. After a magazine reading session, I start to feel so motivated.

002: I'm all over aesthetics. Be it colour palettes, photography or what the magazine is about like cute arty fashion bits. You can take this and look at what defines you as an aesthetic and work that into your blog or general photography. Think adding pops of colour, new angles and filters. Experimentation is where it's at. (See above photo for the ULTIMATE AESTHETIC!!)

003: For some reason, if photos are super pretty or displayed in a really cool way in a spread, I get inspired to scrapbook. Hence why it's pictured here. I think not only is a magazine in physical print, but it's a presentation of beautiful imagery. Scrapbooking is basically the same thing. And it can be inexpensive. And the best part, just like the independents, you can play around with how you place your treasured images and add cute illustrations and stuff...

004: These magazines seem to feature cool diys and creative types who have illustration or textiles as their business. Reading an interview might just inspire some of us to take something up as a hobby. Like reading about a girl who makes cute hand painted vintage style animals out of ceramics. Imagine trying to do that yourself? Or, getting stuck in to creating your own jewellery? Inspiration doesn't have to just be put into blogging, but you could blog about your new hobby.

005: In a way, we all own our own independent magazines. Our blogs. But it's on the internet. Isn't that cool?? And seeing how passionate these editors and writers are about creating a beautiful piece people will pick up and read - and cherish - can defo rub off on us. And we can go back to our blog, remember how proud we should be of our little creation and get stuck in to getting that post typed that we've been meaning to type aaaaall freaking day.

What do you find inspires you to be creative?


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  1. Such a great post! I would love to read more independent magazines, they seem so different and interesting! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you soo much and they really are! I LOVE on days off to make a cup of coffee/tea and just sit down with an issue and get lost in it! x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*