a few little about nuggets

Hey there, I'm Fran, I'm twenty two and welcome to my slice of the internet.

so when did you start blogging?
I started my blog in February 2014 one evening after reading countless issues of Company Magazine (RIP) and becoming inspired to create my own space to share my thoughts.

Topics include life, beauty, fashion and food - especially baking oooh.

but what does your name mean?
The name for my blog means a lot to me. Fran - being my nickname - and 'Alibi' - being the name of the song that I love.

It's from a band that I've avidly followed since 2010 called 30 Seconds To Mars. They've shaped who I am, so it made sense to have my name franalibi. Plus, it has a nice ring to it...

and what do you love in all the world?
WELL. There's many things.

  • pugs - the CUTEST dogs in the universe!
  • BIG bowls of steaming cheesy tomato pasta nom nom nom
  • taking photos of everything aesthetically pleasing
  • drinking jugs of coffee
  • the usual love of pizza - and yes even with ham and pinapple
  • appreciating every season that rolls around. (except winter, we don't talk about her)
  • aaaaand many other things like the fact that I'm a bit of a Lush obsessive and a huge Marina and The 1975 stan

ok, what do you use for blogging?
I use my iPhone 7 Plus for coffee shop and photo diary posts and my Canon 700D with a 58mm lens for main blog photos, a marble board for the background and Photoshop CS6 to edit my photos!

I hope you like my blog and do check out my social links at the top and side of the page. :) x

sure, do you do anything else?
Oh yeah, I also have a YouTube channel which you can also go to from the side of my page!

lastly... a disclaimer!
I don't earn anything or receive anything for my blog so everything is all my own - and my opinions are my own woo.