*this is my little bucket list for life, some are little things, some are big. I hope you enjoying reading it! :) xx

♥ Go camping

♥ Drink alcohol

♥ Visit a Disneyland

♥ Go to L.A. and Hollywood

♥ Go to America

♥ Learn a language

♥ Visit Japan

♥ Swim with dolphins

♥ Go to Paris

♥ Learn to play the ukelele

♥ Actually learn how to play guitar
♥ Learn piano

♥ Rollerblade

♥ Have Nando’s

♥ Free Starbucks

♥ Stay away from home for at least a month

♥ Host a sleepover

♥ Go to a sleepover

♥ Fall in love

♥ Go to a concert

♥ Get 30 seconds to mars merchandise

♥ Meet Mars (and hug them all)

♥ Go on a plane

♥ Go to Reading Festival

♥ VyRT

♥ Have bubble tea

♥ Go on the London Eye

♥ Have a creative career
♥ Create a Pinterest worthy interior

♥ Have a little pug

♥ Dye my hair red

♥ Eat every flavour of Ben and Jerry’s

♥ Go to the Harry Potter studios

♥ Go to London on my own

♥ Visit China

♥ Meet Paramore

♥ Meet Marina and the Diamonds

♥ Meet Lana Del Rey

♥ See Les Mis in the west end

♥ Meet my fave youtubers
♥ Buy something from American Apparel
♥ Go to Italy
♥ Go to New York
♥ Get an iPhone 6
♥ Buy my first M.A.C lipstick
♥ Go on a road trip holiday
♥ Have a spending spree in SPACE.NK
♥ Eat at FIVE GUYS
♥ See Marina and the Diamonds live
♥ Live in Brighton
♥ Go on a weekend away with friends
♥ Eat at IN-N-OUT
♥ Visit Whole Foods
♥ Get a tattoo
♥ Work in Lush
♥ Have a spending spree in Lush
♥ Go to Winter Wonderland in London
♥ Have a basket for Lush bath bombs
♥ Learn to swim
♥ Visit the Empire State Building
♥ Watch a full sunset on a beach
♥ Try out Youtube
♥ See Wicked in the west end
♥ Go to a festival
♥ Climb the Hollywood Hills
♥ Successfully complete a year long journal
♥ Try GBK
♥ Read Les Mis
♥ See The 1975 live
♥ Reach 1000 subscribers on my YouTube
♥ Meet up with a blogger friend
♥ Create my own business
♥ Dye my hair a crazy colour ie pink or blue
♥ Go back to America to visit family