Valentines Day: A Celebration or a Doomsday for the Lonely Ones?


Just walking into a supermarket lavished with Valentine's Day offers makes me quite sick to be frank. 'Half Price on luxury chocolates!' or 'Treat your loved one to two bunches of flowers! Buy one get one free!' I feel that this, dare I say, treasured day is a reminder that the single ones are forever alone while the lucky ones will be forever in love.

As a 16 year old, I shudder to think what the couples in my school might bring in. Just imagine the aroma of flowers and chocolates wafting through the corridors. *shivers* I may come across as a pessimist towards this day but in honesty I've never been in love, it would be nice, but for now I want to embrace the aloneness. I have never been affected in any way whatsoever about the love between boy and girl until I joined sixth form. Boys everywhere and nearly twice as many couples. Help.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, I have taken it upon myself to indulge and eat to my heart's content. *throws confetti into the air* Valentines Day, aka, the day where the forever alone ones finally have an excuse to eat junk, (Think Ben and Jerry's and Dominoes Pizza.), and waste the internet allowance crying over rom-coms on Netflix.

On a positive note, I wish all the happy couples well and if you're out at a swag restaurant, take a moment to consider the alone ones with their tubs of ice cream and online films.

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