The Palm Tree Collective #1


Hey, why are all these strange tumblr pics in a blog post? Good question. One answer. Tumblr is life.

So much so that I wanted to dedicate a new series of photos each month to my all time favourite tumblr pictures. (not including the gifs) And you can see I have a strange title, I love palm trees, it's a collection of random photos and I just mashed them together. Much like a blogger's monthly instagram update, I'll be labelling the pictures with captions. I wanted to do this as I thought it was different to what anyone else posts, and also to show you guys what I've been reblogging. This month includes three of my many idols. And you'll recognise two! So with no further ado, I present The Palm Tree Collective #1...


Grid One (L-R)
{stressed purse • hipster details • palm leaves • wise thoughts • queen sky ferreira • doc martens}

Grid Two (L-R)
{mac lipsticks • pug love • monochrome light • my king jared leto • great city view • matty healy}

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note: tomorrow's post will be fun, exciting and hopefully inspiring for you guys, and no, it's not makeup or fashion... :)

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx