Hair Chalk Freebie


Yesterday, I bought Shout magazine with no guilt because it featured Louise, Zoe, Dan, Marcus, Alfie and Joe. (Youtubers if you didn't know :3) And one of the freebies was a purple hair chalk. Feeling quite experimental, I decided to chalk in some parts of my hair today. As you can see, it finished before I could go to the bottom and finish the rest of the sides. But to be honest, as an overall result, I felt quite confident and happy with this newly injected colour, reason being that purple is my favourite.

Considering, I've never dyed my hair in my life, I would go for this colour straight away if it came as a non-permanent dye. Permanent dyes seem too scary and I just want to experiment with colours. I think when I'm 18 and have left sixth form, I might consider doing that and follow in the footsteps of Zoe London - one of my favourite bloggers at the moment.

This is like a little random post as it turned out really pretty and had to share it with you guys! :)


have any of you guys dyed your hair a crazy colour?

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  1. I think purple looks nice on you! I've dyed my hair pink and blue with manic panic. The blue faded to green and it's really hard to get off my hair ._.


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