My Evening Routine


I've always written about beauty reviews and favourites. (The monthly and lipstick faves are coming soon :3) So, I thought I would do a routine post to show you when I put my products to good use. And you can tell this one involves a nice bath hehe.
After removing my makeup, I always use the Simple facial wash to get the remaining bits of my makeup. And you would be surprised with what bits of foundation comes off. Once, I've dried my face, I also use the Simple Toner. (not pictured but you can find it in a previous Simple post) This toner just smooths out my skin and makes it feel silky soft. After you've applied it, you can feel the toner prickling on your skin, and that's a good sign.
We all knew it was coming... If I want a nice colourful bubbly bath, I just break off a bit of a Lush Bubble Bar and crumble it in. This one is ironically called Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds - the weather right now is dark and damp ugh. Containing Frankincense, Patchouli and Cinnamon Leaf Oil, it relaxes and calms the senses. Perfect if you want to be carried away. That's probably how they got inspiration for the name. 
Just casually breaking and crumbling a bit of the bar and it's creating bubbles. Magic.
You can't relax in a bath without something to do. That's when my favourite issue of Company Magazine is to be read. And we all know who Zoella is! I love her youtube channel but I love her blog even more and if you go to the beginning, her photos are raw and I love the way she writes. Her homemade photo shoots are amazing as well! ( The issue also features Shoreditch, which after reading is one of the places I want to visit and blog about.
Lastly, I use the Palmer's Cocoa Butter. It's a classic. I just rub it everywhere and then I feel like a walking cocoa tree haha. It has such a smooth texture and feels nice to apply. A recent buy but one of my favourite lotions so far.

So, that's mainly my evening routine as baths are the best way to relax. It'll probably change slightly in the winter. Nice winter and Christmas Lush Products. (I can't wait for that haul!)

Simple Facial Wash - £3.25
Lush Bubble Bar - £4.50
Company Magazine (Out Monthly) - £2.60
Palmer's Cocoa Butter - £3.99

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