5 A/W Lipsticks


You can guess from the photos that I like to wear a lot of red and berry shades in Autumn. I've put together five colours that I (nearly) always wear in the seasons of blankets and hot chocolate. You might recognise one, which I wear most of the time hehe.

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish in Starry-Eyed
This is the darkest of all the lipsticks that the brand sells. I got this last year when I wanted something Gothic and dark as I couldn't find black. (Yup, I was in that faze and after seeing Kylie Jenner sporting the shade, I'm determined to find it!) And after that, I've loved it since, it's like a deep berry purple with a hint of maroon. Rimmel are excellent in terms of their lipsticks, and it's a shame this is the only dark shade, as I want to buy more. It's a must if you love the dark autumn/winter colours.

2. M&S Autograph in Red
Sometimes you've got to add a classic bright colour that doesn't feel summery. This M&S lipstick does it for me. If I'm wearing dark clothes, I pop this on. It's very nice to apply and goes on smoothly, I also find it makes my lips quite soft. Though, I only got this as I had a giftcard for the store, when I finish it, I will be sure to repurchase. The lipstick also has cool packaging as you just press down the lid and it pops off to allow application. I just love it because it's so satisfying. M&S certainly deliver when it comes to their own brand of makeup.

3. Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish in 107
One of the best shades that Kate has done for Rimmel. I love the matte finish and it just stays on forever. I use it all year round and I have the others in the red packaging. (You can see a review of 110 in the beauty tag) It's probably one of the best drug store lipsticks out there and I hope it's on sale forever because I don't know what I would do if they stopped selling it. A deep red that's not too shiny and goes with everything I have. Not much I can say that isn't positive, a perfect dark colour if it's your first and on a budget.

4. Barry M Lipstick in 160
This one is a pretty deep maroon colour that comes out pretty deep plum on me. It's an ok budget product, but it does dry out my lips and stains my lips when I take it off. I know you're thinking why did you feature it? Well, it only stains my lips as it's long lasting, so it's a good product if you're going on a night out, and don't want to worry about re-applying too much. And I do have pretty dry lips any way so it doesn't work for me. Apart from the long lasting colour, it's an ok product but in my opinion I think the brand should stick to what they do best - nails.

5. Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Sugar Bean Soft Shine
Now this is an old goodie and I don't know if they still sell this product. But my mum gave this to me last year when I just started wearing makeup (unused) and I've loved it since. It's more of a brown than red and as a more pricey product it does deliver what it says. It's lovely for the autumn and winter if you like a brown/natural look. I do have another Clinique lipstick in a similar shade that I like to wear but I didn't include it as I think it looks the same. Shiny, beautiful and reminds me of those dark brown leaves that fall from the trees. (Nice imagery for you there)

So these are my five A/W lipsticks in no particular order. And just listing these makes my want to wear one and throw on a scarf and coat, and go to starbucks for a salted caramel hot chocolate. Nom nom.


Rimmel Starry-Eyed - £4.99
M&S Autograph Red - £8
Rimmel Kate Moss 107 - £5.49
Barry M 160 - £4.49
Clinique Sugar Bean Soft Shine - discontinued

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