August Favourites


How is August over already?! It feels like last week that I just finished work experience and broke up for summer. And now it's three days till year 13 and then soon I'll be applying for journalism apprenticeships omg. So, this month I've definitely been to new places and bought way more new stuff than last year. (And the most expensive bag *cough* American Apparel *cough*) And once again, this month's favourites is mixed and not central on beauty - like my blog. :)

1. Simple Kind To Skin Perfecting BB Cream
I only bought this a few days ago and it's  my first ever BB cream, and I've been sticking to Simple for the most part of this year for these kind of things with my cleansers and toners. I've basically used the bath products since I was born as they're natural and good. I feel the BB cream is great quality, I don't know if you wear it instead of foundation but I've been putting it on before my makeup. I don't want to say too much as I want to do a seperate post on this product, but I all I can say is that it gives my skin a nice glow and contains vitamins - which will benefit me in the A/W. Hooray.

2. Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey
Ah, my queen doesn't fall with this second record. She's best known for her song Video Games or those lip surgery rumours. It's a much darker album but still has the elements of those classic violins but with electric guitars added. My current favourite song is Sad Girl which I do recommend for listening, or Ultraviolence which is very catchy. I found this such a good album that I played it over and over through the whole day on Friday. Lana's vocals are so pure and if you're looking for something different then this album is a must!

3. Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs by Henry Carroll
I found this coffee table book gem in Urban Outfitters - the Bluewater store. And since I'm studying Photography at A Levels, I thought why not get it and be inspired for new shots! I originally went in for Alexa Chung's It but found I didn't have enough money. (because of the fateful AA splurge) But overall, I'm much happier with this. Carroll basically breaks down the digital camera and simply puts it as a box with a lense. He then explains the shutter speeds as well as packing the book with tips and know how. (There's no complicated jargin) And the photographs featured are pretty beautiful as well. Next time you're in UO, do look out for this book - it's worth it!

4. Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 101
This is a recent addition to my matte collection from Rimmel. It's a beautiful pink that's not too bright and I've been wearing it all the summer as it matched my bright makeup and clothes. I always say this, but in truth, Kate Moss' matte lipstick range is one of the best out there! (You can check out the beauty tag on my blog for the reviews on the other two I have!)


Simple BB Cream - £4.48
Read This If You Want To Take Good Photographs - £12.95
Ultraviolence - £7.99
Rimmel Kate Moss in 101 - £5.49

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  1. Wow I didn't know there's photography course for A levels. I took the art and design one and my classmate were doing photography stuff for it though.

    1. oh yeah, it was fun but I had to drop it today because my school wouldn't let me carry it on as I was taking four subjects and when I went into A2 I was only allowed to take one. :( I bet art and design was fun, I didn't take it as I failed Textiles as the teacher didn't teach us haha


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