March Favourites


Things I've been loving lately

Aside from the fact that all I could think about was blossom, spring and more blossom, I've actually been loving a lot of different things recently. Like legit things that aren't to do with the season haha. Even though every month, or even this whole year, seems to be whirling by, let's take a deep breath, slow down and look at all the things I've been loving recently...

001: Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail paints:
Recently, I've not been one for waiting around for my nails to dry whenever I apply a colour. Ya gal has things to do y'know. So, I've been loving these ones that literally do as the name says! The colours are so pretty and bright - perfect for this season of course - and they dry so nicely and quickly. In a sentence, they've all I've been wearing on my nails.

002: Garnier Micellar Cleansing gel wash:
Soo, this was hyped up so much recently by all these youtubers and bloggers. I also did my own review here. And I have to say straight up that this has been an amazing addition to my skincare routine. Of course it's not the best thing to ever grace the shelves of Boots but it's so nice to use as a double cleanser. I usually just take my makeup off, then use this as a wash and my skin feels so soft afterwards. Literally like a baby's bum.

003: Cath Kidston Cats purse:
How can you not love a purse that has cats on it? This little treasure is perfect for when I use my Mulberry dupe as I never want to carry around my big purse with me. Plus I reaalllyyy love cats as well as pugs. And the best thing, is that not only does it have a card holder on the front, there's also a cute little mirror hidden on the back! Perfect for lippy top ups yay.

004: Barry Matte Me Up lipstick kit in Pose:
Putting aside the disappointment with the MR Retro Luxe kits, finding this little gem in the drugstore after seeing a few reviews made my whole month. Not only is this the best matte liquid lip from a brand that isn't NYX but it's a super pretty pink nude and I've just been OBSESSED. Without rambling for too long, it's the best makeup purchase I've made in 2017. Aside from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette obvs.

005: OGX Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner:
I've been on a mission to try and save money where I can recently and I decided to start with my hair products. Of course I will never not buy any Lush, but for now I need to watch my pennies, and that's when I turned to the next best thing: OGX. This one makes my hair feel like silk and because it's coconut scented, it makes my hair smell like summer. I literally love it.

006: The Luminaries // Eleanor Catton:
I'm only half way through this (it's like 900 pages) but I had to include it in this month's faves. I'm not going to ramble on about it, but it's wonderfully complex which makes it all the more fascinating and gripping - plus the cover gives off all the tumblr indie vibes like yes. I'm being so vague about this sorry, but I'll be doing a full book review on it in April once I've finished it, so keep your eyes peeled for that...

What have you guys loved in March?


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  1. Great your favorites :) I waiting my new post :)

  2. I keep meaning to pick up a barry m speedy quick dry nail polish - I love all the spring colours they have to offer!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I have to admit, this year the selection isn't as good BUT there's one pretty pink that I reaallly want haha

  3. The cat purse is the cutest! Cath Kidston is the best brand for accessories like that. I've never tried OGX but heard some really good things about them, so I'll add that Coconut Water combo on my to-try list!

    Julia x
    Last post: Silky Smooth Skin with Garnier |

    1. I know! They're so good at quirky prints and you need to try it! After two more uses my hair is becoming more healthier for sure! :)

  4. I neeeeeed the cleansing gel wash! I've been eating too much junk food and my skin is suffering! :( xx

    1. Awww nooo :( Do get it! it actually makes my skincare routine faster now that I use it religiously! xx

  5. I really wanted to try the Barry M matte lips but I just haven't got round to it! Like you I didn't really like the revolution ones so hopefully I'll love this one too!

    1. Aww they are amazing!! Do look out for them and try to get one if you can! x


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