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This the second Lush post in about two weeks. *ooh you lucky people!* With no pun intended with the title haha, it's a lovely picture heavy post, and as you should all know I'm a huge fan of Lush. And as the new products have just been released, I thought I would just to update you guys! Even though loads of other popular bloggers have already, but I don't give a duck! :)

*Sorry for the really bad quality I only have use of my smartphone and I'm currently too poor to have a camera sighs*

Shoot For The Stars:
 This reminds me of winter evenings with the clear skies and the little spots of stars. It claims to have the same sweet scent as Honey I Washed The Kids and contains Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil.

Luxury Lush Pud: 
 One of the most colorful bath bombs in the Christmas this year and I love how they have a cute little holly and berry in the middle. It contains the goodness of Ylang Ylang Oil, Lavendar Oil, Tonka Absolute and Benzoin Resinoid and shares the fragrance of the Twilight bath bomb.

Christmas Eve:
 This little bubble bar is in the shape of a lovely crescent moon. Containing Irish Moss Powder, Jasmine Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil, it sounds just perfect for a relaxing evening.

Melting Snowman:
 This is one of those cute bath melts that you don't want to see melt away and drown. It has Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Sweet Orange Oil and Patchouli Oil.

Magic Wand:
 A classic that is back for another year! I really want to try this as you just swirl it around on the stick and it can be used for up to four baths. It contains Cream of Tartar and has a nice sweet candy smell. Magical.

Candy Mountain:
 The name says it all. A candy smelling bubble bar and contains Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute. It's nice and cheap for a bubble bar and makes a nice pink bubbly bath.

 The first Halloween bubble bar in this post yay! It looks like a cute creature with a wizard hat aww. It contains Fennel Oil, Juniperberry Oil, Tangerine Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil. Perfect for the Halloween weekend.

 Northern Lights:
 This is the only one I've purchased as a sales assistant demonstrated it to me and it was so pretty, I just had to get it! It looks like it'll be just a purple bath, but it comes out with blues, greens and yellows - just like a nice firework display. I'll definitely will repurchase this. It contains Jasmine Absolute and Ylang Ylang Oil and creates a divine smell.

Golden Wonder:
 I thought this looked like a strange dessert at first, but it turns out it was in the shape of a present... But it's so nice with golden glitter effect and contains Lime Oil and Sweet Orange Oil with a nice glittery surprise inside. Certainly something luxurious to indulge in.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel:
 The classic is back for another year and I'm dying to try it! It contains a nice sweet smell with Carrageenan Extract. (That's basically a seaweed) And it's also so nice and pink yay.
£3.75 - £11.95

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar:
 A lovely Christmas treat with a massage bar filled with butter and oils. It contains Organic Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter, Almond Oil and Illipe Butter.

  This yellow joy is scented with Rose Jam and crackles when you throw it in. It contains Rose Oil, Sicillian Lemon Oil, Egyptian Geranium Oil and popping candy!

The Christmas Penguin:
  This is a really cute bubble bar and, again, is too sweet not to use. It contains Bergamot Oil, Sicillian Lemon Oil and Orange Flower Absolute. I want Christmas to come now haha.

Sparkly Pumpkin:
 This little one is delightfully sparkly and really puts me in the Halloween and Autumn mood. (Pumpkin Spice Lattes and all hehe) This one contains Juniperberry Oil, Lime Oil and Grapefruit Oil.

Drummers Drumming:
 Exactly like the magic wand but with a drum ooh. It can be used for more than one baths and contains Olibanum Oil, Geranium Oil and Bergamot Oil to tone and cleanse.

Holly Golightly:
 This is one of those bubble bars that screams Christmas! It is a cute glittery holly and contains Patchouli Oil, Clove Leaf Oil and Sweet Orange Oil. 

Star Light Star Bright:
 This bath melt will make your bath glittery and blue, and has a nice lime and ginger scent. This contains Persian Lime Oil, Chinese Ginger Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Lavender Oil.

Father Christmas:
Another bath bomb that I had last year and it's green on the inside which will be the colour of your bath. It also smells like Snow Fairy, so double the amazing scent!

Dashing Santa:
 This one is a fun one, as this bath bomb 'dashes' around the bath as it fizzes like he's in a hurry. It contains Bergamot Oil and Mandarin Oil.

Baked Alaska:
 This one is the colourful one of the soaps and looks so nice and I really want a bit. It contains Ylang Ylang Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil. The name also reminds me of the dessert yum.

 This soap smells like Marzipan and includes Cassie Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid and Rose Absolute.

Fairy Ring:
 Lastly, this soap is 100% palm free and I love how it looks like a toadstool. It contains Shiitake Mushrooms which create an antibacterial soap, Vetivert Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil and Jasmine Absolute.


I didn't want to go into too much detail so I just listed the ingredients and my thoughts, there are loads more products to the collection, but it would take ages to write about. I hope to buy most of these and I hope you enjoyed reading this little - ok quite big - post.

See you tomorrow with a makeup post. xx

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