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Recently, I've been feeling pretty low and trying to distract myself by doing different things. Not all of them worked, but I think the ones I'm going to list do. This post is sort of a referral for myself and for you all if you want to pamper/distract yourself. I think looking after yourself and not think of all the bad things is a good way to keep calm, and I'm sure at some point will all feel like this cute little pug.
Throw unnecessary things out:
Clearing the old things out that you don't need can be a nice kind of therapy. Also, your room will be neater and it will help you start afresh. Once you do this, I guarantee you'll feel better and like a new person. Also, if you are on the verge of re-doing your bedroom, I suggest to go out of your comfort zone, do something different and create a space you'll be happy to escape to. (New wallpaper, new paint, cool lamps, new furniture, etc..) If you're not, then buy new decorations, get fairy lights, stick pictures of bands/idols/friends on the wall. Whatever makes you feel better to spend time in your room.
Pamper you face:
Be it a face mask, lotion or sorting out your eyebrows, take time out to look after your face and skin. I think a face mask is the best, and Lush (I should pay a £1 every time I mention this shop haha), has the best face masks. Want to soothe your face? They've got it. Niggling spots? They have one for that. Hydrating your skin? They have one for that too. You can pamper yourself multiple times as the pots can provide up to 8 face masks.
Cleanse your insides:
Green tea and Camomile tea are said to help increase your metabolism, make you feel healthier and keep you revitalised. You can get Camomile from Twinings for £1.49 and Green Tea for £1.68 from Asda. Drink it daily or every two days and you'll gradually feel much better. Ideally, have this after you pampering and before going to bed in some snuggly pajamas.
Have a bath:
Grab your favorite bath bomb, bubble bath gel and place candles around the tub. Then get lost and inhale the scents, hopefully this will calm you and arm you for the next day! Also, for bonus relaxation, take in your iPod or iPad and catch up on TV or watch a film on Netflix.
Read a book or do some art:
Reading and drawing can take you away, as you get engrossed in the world the characters are in or are concentrating on the thing/person you are drawing. You can forget about everything for an hour or two, and it will also help you get away from technology.
Baking is like therapy. Cookies or a cake, you can just immerse yourself in mixing ingredients and measuring. I always am able to have my mind taken off things and after you can indulge in your creation - it's a win win situation!
Go to bed early:
Catching up on sleep will benefit you greatly, and you'll feel refreshed the next day. Not getting enough sleep can make you feel sluggish. (You probably don't need to be told this, and going to bed at 10 and waking up early for school does not help me at all sigh)
Hopefully, these little things will help, though I must admit reading is hard for me, and I'm yet to try green tea. (My friend just told me it does her wonders, so I had to put it in!) And by the end of your pamper evening/day, you'll be ready to face anything. If it helps, next time you feel low or stressed, repeat the process. :)
This post was inspired by my friend and other bloggers giving lifestyle tips.
Do you guys have any ways of pampering yourself/distressing?

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  1. having a bath is one of my favourite things to do to relax! i love your blog btw :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. thank you :) and a bath is the best if you want to relax, it's always the first thing on my mind if I want a nice evening pampering myself. I've read you blog post already, and I love your blog too xx

  2. Anonymous5/10/14

    HavIng a bath and reading is the best thing ever. And same with pampering. I love that feeling of being all refreshed and clean. Thats literally my sunday night and I owe it all to lush haha I visit that shop waayyy to often. :) xx love your blog btw

    alicia / wildblisse

    1. I feel you so much haha :D and thank you xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx