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*Have a lovely bad quality pic of the London Eye and the Thames that I took during a day out - yay*

I thought I would do something different today, and seeing as I'm British, I'm going to do The British Tag to see if I'm worthy haha. I saw this tag on BEAUTY AND RAGS' blog, and as she tagged everyone, well, why not? I also tag everyone who reads my blog and is British! :)

How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?
 I actually have about five cups a year, I'm much more of a coffee person and have one every day. Though when I do have tea on that rare occasion, I always put one teaspoon of sugar. So to put it this way, if tea was extinct, I wouldn't miss it.
Favourite part of your roast?
 Stuffing! I always have it on the sides and I would literally just eat it on it's own. But I also quite like my dad's roast potatoes because they're so crispy and fluffy.
Favourite dunking biscuit?
 I think a chocolate digestive, but I don't really like to have a biscuit with my drink. It has to be a bit of proper chocolate... Mmm... #Chocoholic
Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
 (I had to research this word and it basically means perfect ooh) Eating fish and chips, I guess that's quite a British thing...
Favourite word?
Ever since starting English Lit A Level last year, the word ambiguous always came up, and now I can't stop saying it if there isn't a clear meaning with something.
 Cockney rhyme slang?
Favourite sweet?
 I'm not a sweet person, but does the Cadbury Marvellous Creations with jelly beans and popping candy count?
What would your pub be called?
I feel like The Dog and Duck is the most typical name for a pub, so I might call mine The Flying Chicken for fun. Random, but it's different hehe.
No.1 British person?
I don't care if she's Welsh and Greek, but she lives in London so I'm going to say Marina Diamandis. She's beautiful and amazing and I can't think of anyone else, because the rest are American and Scottish haha. Or maybe Tom Hiddleston because he's a great actor.
Favourite shop/restaurant?
 I have too many but Lush is amazing and Boots, and my homes are Waterstones (books) and HMV (entertainment).
What British pop song pops into your head?
All I can think of is Price Tag by Jessie J - still one of my favourite songs.
Ew. It won't be our always.

Verdict: I don't think I'm 100% a British person and I would probably pass on the tea and have a coffee. And I'm not a Biscuit person either, but I do love a British brand and music.

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